Why didn't he say hi to me?

Apparently, I'm texting this guy, we have never hanged out with each other and we only saw each other once he waved at me but I didn't regconise him. So yesterday, I was sitting at the food court with two other friends and I saw him sit right in front of me with his other two friends, I've waited for him to come and say hello but he didn't, I thought its because I have friends with me so he feels nervous so then I tell my friends to go and buy something, and I sat alone there but he still didn't come up and say hello to me, I looked at him and I know he knew that I was right in front of him. His friends were full of looking at me too. When I went home, I texted him:" You didn't say hello :(" - Him:"Ohh so it was you who sat in front of me! :O you didn't say hi!" - Me:"Ur the guy, you shouldve said hi" - HIm:"Nup..You saw me so you shouldve! == I didn't actually pay attention :L" - Me:" I guess we both know what to do next time" - Him:" ha ha yeah (Y)...Why he didn't say hi to me? I'm sure that he did see me, was it becaue he lost interest? Should I say hi to him first next time when I see him?


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  • maybe he didn't notice or he is very shy and nervous

    but I would talk to him and see if he still likes you

    • But like he texted me first last Friday and Saturday but then he didn't text me on Sunday so I decided to text him first on Monday and again he didn't text me at all until now =.= If I text him first again, will I be like too needy? :(

    • no I would text him and say just wanted to say hey and I missed talking to you or etc

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  • It's really just nerves I guess. It's normal, especially if you guys have only talked over texts and not in person. Same has happened with me many times with the same guy, when online, we'll promise each other to say hi whenever we bump into each other etc but when the time comes, it's a really strange situation. Thoughts such as 'omg did he/she see me..?' or 'would it be weird I'd I said hi out of the blue..?' or 'ehat if he/she doesn't recognize me and I look Like a fool'.. Or anything along those lines. It's simply nerves. Especially when there are friends around..

    • Thanks for your answer :) So should I say hi to him first next time?