What that mean if guy said I am too innocent for him?

it is true my appearance looks younger than my actual age, I am just in the mids 20s, I used to think it is good thing when I look younger, but when I heard the guy said I am too innocent, I realized maybe it is not good at all.
recently date a guy, he asked me out but rarely text me, I have to think he might think same way about me, what should I do ?


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  • i say text him but if he take forever to text you back then you do the same don't make him feel too important because then men loose interest. and forget what he said that your too innocent, if i were u i would forget about him, there are millions of other guys out there and they would love an innocent woman. he just wants something else and thats why he says you're too innocent. forget about him. and be strong :) good luck!

    • they are not same girl, the one said I am innocent and one I am dating with. I am confused with the latter one, lots people say if the guy interest you , he will ask you out instead texting only, but this guy willing to ask me out, text less. I do not know what he is thinking?

    • my typo. they are not same guys..

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  • Maybe he meant your personality - that you don't have a dirty mind or too nice (he likes mean girls).