I accidentally friendzoned the girl I like. What do I do?

So the other night me and the girl I like were around each other with some friends. She looked at me a couple of times and I looked at her but I didn't get to talk to her before I had to leave. I felt like she might've been a little upset so I texted her just to make sure her feelings weren't hurt and in doing so, I called her such an awesome friend or something like that and now it's been a little awkward between us and we haven't talked a whole lot now. I don't know if I'm only imagining all of this in my head or if she likes me back or what but either way what do I do to unfriendzone her? It's true she is my friend, but we're not super close and I flirt with her. Help would be appreciated. Thanks.


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  • You cannot 'accidentally' friendzone someone. Sure, you may say or do something that indicates you are pursuing a friendship opposed to a romantic relationship but it can be fixed quite easily with a "I'd like to take you out on a date sometime".

    To "unfriendzone" her, just start flirting with her, making her laugh, breaking the touch barrier and otherwise indicating that you're attracted to her and wish to begin courtship.