How long did it take you to learn how to kiss?

I can't kiss! D: And it's so horrible and embarrassing what if I never learn? On the fourth of July this year I made a complete cake of myself! My FWB keeps telling me not to worry about it but that's stupid, because no matter how much he tries to reassure me, I'm going to worry about it. Inexperience he calls it. "You've kissed, what, one guy?" Blehhhh. I just feel so stupid. Everybody has to learn how to kiss, right? How long did it take? I'd like to hear...

i can kiss now. I'm such a dork for worrying. Actually now I'm a better kisser than my bf.


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  • All you can do is keep kissing until you get better. People are only naturally great kissers because they have seen how it was done on tv and how other people do it.

    I have a few techniques I pulled from a few movies and they work a treat. Made girls tremble and have butterflies.

    Just don't be quick, don't be a woodpecker, don't be sloppy, and just be gentle and soft (even with a guy!)


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  • Theres no "right or wrong" way to kiss,it just kind of comes naturally, and the more you do it the more comfortable you will become and the more you relax with it,the better it will be.

    My advice is not to over think it and just go with the flow,let it happen naturally,and in time you will be all good ;o)

    Dont worry,everyones been in that situation...xx

  • If you're comfortable with it, try practicing with a good girl friend of yours. Maybe your best friend, and you two can just keep it secret.

    That's what I did, and she had a bit more experience than I had and she actually said I was a really good kisser!

    Or, just kiss more guys!

  • watch the teeth ;)

  • I was terrified of kissing but at first I think, let the guy take lead and kinda copy what he does, never slobber or anything like that, that's just disgusting, take it slow, don't make him choke on your tongue, rather go slow and steady than like speed racer! it took me a week or two, haha just practice. lol. its a lot of fun!

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