Would you do this for your boyfriend?

We were chatting about our first date where we went snowboarding, and he mentioned that he always loved it when I dressed in winter clothes.

I know he will just smile if I surprised him by dressing up. We are meeting at a air conditioned mall and have lots of shopping to do...

What clothes can I get away with without getting too many looks? Would you do this for your bf?


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  • You don't want to over-do the look obviously. But maybe with a cute sweater and scarf and some jeans or something. Because obviously if you try anymore then you would get tons of looks because of the season haha. But anyways, I do dress with what my boyfriend likes because he finds it appealing which makes me feel more comfortable about what I'm wearing because he pretty much requested it. But I wouldn't do it like this because it doesn't really make sense to wear winter clothes during the summer haha.


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  • ? Hmm, I doubt he needs to see that at this time of year. Ask him if he has a little fetish of you wearing winter clothes. If he does, (thats cool), then maybe you could dress up for him in private sometime. I wouldn't overdress at the mall, too uncomfortable.


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