He touched my elbow while talking to me.. Why?

So I have this crush on a guy that I work with.. He's been really different and quiet lately says he doesn't like me but went out the one night and I was dancing with this guy I went to school with and my crush stood right in front of me and looked at me then started texting on his phone.. After that night he's been super quiet around me.. I sent him a text asking if we can talk and he said yeah next time we get together for sure but he hasn't said anything to me at all and it's been a week and we've been working with eachother every day lol.. But then today I had a really bad headache and I asked if he had Tylenol or anything and he went to go grab me some then I looked at the bottle to see how many mg it was and it said 400 then he grabbed my elbow and was like it's only 400 okay so just take one alright.. I was like okay thanks and then a couple hours later he came up to the front and asked if I was feeling any better.. He looks at me a lot but doesn't like me he's super quiet around me but talks to everyone else he looks at me a lot but with a blank face.. I actually saw him looking at me yesturday in the kitchen and another server was beside him but she was focusing on something then he turned and looked at me until I walked out of the kitchen then she looked up and he quickly looked at the ground..


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  • it sounds like what he has said is slightly antagonistic or threatening with tylenol is seemed aggressive, but grabbing an elbow and yanking you towards him is sometimes what men do when they hit a woman but I can't say that for sure unless you feel the same way

  • I'm not surprised going by the elbow in the pic. Yes, you can look at wedding dresses.


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