What's the problem if I never approach women, and want them to approach me?

Before you start judging me, please read the description.

I'm 28, yet I have never approached a woman or made the first move in my life. I strongly feel that men have been approaching women for too long, and its about time the women took matters into their own hand at least sometimes. Due to the rise in feminism and changes in gender roles, women today can do everything which were once considered 'men's domain'. I'm all for equality, and that includes women approaching men sometimes as well.

I never approach a woman even if I like her. Actually, I never even develop a liking anyone that easily. I'm not whining about it, because I'm fine this way. Women wanted equality in everything, and they have more or less got it. Let there be 'equality' in terms of approaching the opposite gender too. I firmly believe that If women want me, they should approach me. If not, then its their loss and not mine.

Its not about 'ego' or anything. And I'm not one of those jerks who don't have an ounce of respect for women. I know that this approach diminishes my dating options greatly, but I don't mind that at all. I have been in a few relationships, and the girls themselves made the first move in all of them.

I know women don't approach men a lot, but when they do, they're usually keepers (each of my previous relationship were long term, and they all ended due to external factors). That's the reason I'm taking it easy and not going out of my way to 'impress' women or ask them out. I'd rather utilize the time I would have spent in pursuing women, to accomplish some of my lofty career and life goals. I'm not desperate for women anyway.

So tell me, why do people (both men and women) feel that my approach to dating is gonna fail for sure? I mean... in any case, its much better than messing around with tons of women. Besides, I don't want to give women the satisfaction of rejecting me (because women usually reject a dozen guys for every guy they accept).
What's the problem if I never approach women, and want them to approach me?
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