Do girls like shy guys?

I mean I'm sure some girls do but I can't meet any. You know cause I'm shy. Any tips on how to talk to girls?

I've had gfs and f***buddies, its not like I've been alone forever. I just feel like none of them ever take me serious. I can be really compassionate and sweet. I don't act like a player. I'm not sure if I could even if I wanted to but sometimes I wish I could. I just get nervous around girls I really like and can't seem to make a move to show them. and most just don't seem that into me. maybe I'm looking in the wrong places idk. Why are girls into all the jerks? Do girls like shy guys?
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I want to thank all of you for the great advice below :)

I've gotten better! I'm really talkative and girls seem to think I'm funny which I've just started to notice and use to my advantage :) I can talk to girls more easily now. and only my vibes remain shy. I got hooked up with a really mean girl a while back. who treated me horribly...but had the courage to end it. I don't know what she liked about me but she hated my shyness and intentionally intimidated me. then put me down for not being "outgoing".
but more recently I've got a new girlfriend who is incredibly shy. I do all the talking lol. I mean all of it. she's so sweet and adorable :) I really care about her.
Do girls like shy guys?
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