Shy guys always lose, they have to become extrovert?

Is it true shy guys always lose? Girls think shy guys are cute and mysterious but out-going guys win.

A lot of people say to be yourself and stay true if you want a partner for you, but that's not always the case.

Shy people get no love, just because they're shy, I mean is it true people aren't interested in shy/quiet people? They're just "too mysterious/quiet/confusing".

Me being an shy guy, I know how it feels. Girls seem to be frustrated with guys like me because they don't know what we're feeling because we're hard to read or know if we like them or not.

I mean I guess it's vice versa with guys and shy girls, personally I like shy girls sometimes even more than those other out-going party girls, it's just no one knows if they like you or not.

So it must be true introverts have to become out-going, the thing with me is I'm only shy around girls I like or beautiful girls because when an pretty girl rejects you or just brushes you off it's the worst, I can't come to bring the confidence to talk to her.(I can but I can't you know? :S) Also, because I don't have much to talk about D:, my life is boring. I like dancing and meeting new people but my dad doesn't let me go anywhere, I'm athletic but coaches don't even know who I am, I'm nice and polite but people take advantage of it. Is it's best if I just go back to being extrovert like I was in the good ol days.

I give advice better than I take it so I'm asking you guys/girls for help.

Shy guys always lose, they have to become extrovert?
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