Are shy guy + shy girl relationships difficult? Do opposites truly attract?

I've been wondering this for a while, and I would like to hear responses from shy girls and shy guys who have been in a shy+shy relationship and how it worked out. My own experience is that there are a lot of awkward silences during conversation, and a lot of going back and forth saying 'whatever you wanna do' when deciding what to do. That was a long time ago though, and since then I avoid shy girls, not only because of my experiences, but because they are SO HARD to initiate conversation with, especially if the guy is shy too. Actually I always get the impression that shy girls are stuck-up or lesbians, cause they don't react to flirts and usually show no emotion. I know that that's not true though, it's just an impression I get.

In a college class of mine, I have had a crush on this shy brunette for a while. I came on strong at first, like asking her to come sit at my table, and randomly joking and flirting with her. Then I (stupidly) used a peer review paper she gave me for class to look up her name on facebook, and I added her saying that I am from class. I came back to class and told her that I added her on facebook (and she said she didn't know that), and then I later told her it's okay if she doesn't want to friend me there, that it's no pressure. And of course after a few days of not being added or denied, she denied my request. Since then I act colder to her because it feels as if she doesn't like me (or just doesn't like men...?) Still some part of me wonders if a different side of her personality would come out if we dated, like she might actually be fun and intimate. So that's what brought about this question.

So, I've been thinking about dating an extroverted girl (something I typically don't do because its a little intimidating for a shy guy); but, hey, I'm willing to step out of my comfort zone if it really means finding the right girl, maybe the shy + extravert combo works out great! So that's the other part of my question. For those that have been in a shy + extravert relationship, was it great and did you compliment each other well? Or did it not work out due to someone being too shy or too extroverted?

It's just so hard with shy girls to determine whether they are just being shy or if they don't like you, possibly arrogant, lesbian, etc. I'm sure girls experience a similar thing with shy guys.

Please let me know your opinions and experiences on this!
Are shy guy + shy girl relationships difficult? Do opposites truly attract?
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