How do I get him to open up? He has very little experience with girls. I like him though! He's a cool guy. HELP!

I need some opinions on what to do with this really great guy that I recently started dating.

I have been in a relationship with my boyfriend for 1 month. When I met him it was an incredibly comfortable & safe feeling. We clicked right away. He is very consistent, kind, caring & what I like about him the most is that he’s well liked and cared for by his friends and family. This isn’t JUST a good guy this is a genuine good guy with friends to verify. He is a solid individual and honestly the best guy I have dated.

He is 25 & I am 26 & I am his first girlfriend. He has very little experience with girls. You would never know it when he`s with me because he carries the relationship very well & knows how to handle me, just simply be with me. I have asked his friend why he`s never dated & from what I understand until his best friend came along a few years ago he was very shy & awkward. He`s been on a few dates, he`s been interested in girls & he has tried dating. He`s not a loser. I wanna say that. I`m a girl with standards & he meets those standards.

He is a virgin & for some reason this does not bother me at all. I’ve been in many crap relationships. This is someone who cares for me in all the right ways & consistently so. In the end having someone solid is what’s most important to me. We have discussed sex. I was very impressed of how much he knows. He has already expressed losing his virginity but I told him no pressure just when he`s ready & to make sure he knows I`m the actual one first. He`s 25 I mean if I waited this long I would make sure.

We are taking things slow & it’s been a slow but sure progression.

I keep forgetting that he has never been in a relationship before & the only problem I`m having with him is the communication. We can talk surface all day but actually getting to know him & have him let me in to who he is has been difficult. I`m not so open book myself. I have insecurities & I`m trying to deal with them on my own time & not let them affect our relationship.

With him not being in a relationship before, as well as he handles it all, I get the feeling like he can’t understand why I would have fear to a certain extent. I don’t think he knows that there is a honeymoon period & then after that work. Relationships are not easy. Work is involved. It’s a struggle sometimes & I`m at that point with him where the honeymoon is over & the lack of intimate conversation is at the fore front.

With me being the one experienced I know I`m going to have to take the lead as to directing this relationship but I’ve never been in that position.

I really do think he has potential. He`s got great potential & he is willing. That’s the most important part. He not only has the potential but he is willing to learn & committed to being in a relationship with me. He has stated a future and always speaks in future terms & I believe him which is why I even care to bother.

How do I get him to open up? How would you
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How do I get him to open up? He has very little experience with girls. I like him though! He's a cool guy. HELP!
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