Is there really nothing a nice guy can do to attract women?

im basically a nice guy but just a friend to girls. like that's the type of person I am. I'm have no issues socializing with people. I'm a little shy but who isnt? and I believe that if you really like someone, which is the entire point of pursuing a relationship, its very difficult to actually come clean or approach the girl. so I really don't pursue girls at all. its very hard to put yourself out there. I prefer girls that I actually know for a while too. I don't like the thought of approaching random women. I've only really ever tried getting to know 3 girls.

besides all that, I feel that I do everything else right. I'm not an ugly guy. I'm nice, friendly, confident in social situations, I'm reasonably funny. I just don't understand why girls wouldn't want to be with a guy like me. meanwhile they date guys that look like they want to be thugs and that are in perfect shape or that have a reputation of substance abuse. and I'm sorry I can't "provide" those things for them, but I'm happy that I am who I am and don't have that sort of negative reputation of being a bad boy. why can't girls just wake up and appreciate a guy like myself? :(

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i just feel like there's nothing else I can do to attract a woman myself without being a douchey mans man, with bulging muscles, or without going to bars and clubs, or being a drinker or smoker. I'm even a skilled musician and girls show me no interest. I've never been kissed or been on a date. and girls will talk to me in person but once indirect communication comes into play, getting blown off is a common occurance. but if I looked and acted like a thug, I'm sure girls would magically love me! :/
Is there really nothing a nice guy can do to attract women?
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