Girls or guys? can you explain this girls behaviour for me please?

ok so im confused about how my close girl friend feels about me, Sometimes when were out she will be really interested in talking to and spending time with me but then often she just seems uniterested in me and speaks to other people, she will sometimes jokingly say nasty things to me aswell or about me. Whenever she stays at my house or I stay at hers we end up cuddling in the night to fall asleep but often she acts like she doesn't want to stay over but sometimes i make her because I dont want her walking home alone really late, she understands this but like I said acts like she not bothered about staying, like sometimes ill ask her early on in the night if she wants to stay and she keeps saying maybe I don't know untill she does eventually end up staying... One time we were falling asleep and we were spooning I was the little spoon this time, she was rubbing my stomach then brushed passed my crotch twice before gently wresting her hand over my crotch, after a few minutes of that and me not doing anything she muttered ok and turned and rolled away from me I asked her what? and she said "nothing" and went to sleep. Then another time more recently i was was the big spoon and my arm was over her like near her stomach, she started holding my hand/finger she slowly moved it down and placed it on her shorts on the crotch area like where the zip is, or at least I think she moved it there without realising my hand had moved down from the stomach to there and it wasn't me who moved it... she was holding my hand. Does she like me? why would she act like she doesn't care sometimes. Also she's often very blunt with me when i try message her, not always just sometimes. She also doesn't tend to invite me out unless i ask to come, but she will always come whenever I invite her out.... If I try compliment her like say you look nice she says dont be gay, I asked her if she thought I should grow my beard and she was just like, I dont care, whearas most of my friends woulds give me an opinion even though it doesn't effect them. I was seeing her friend and she said "you only invite me out to see my friend" which wasn't true considering I've been inviting her out all the time even when her friend wasn't or isn't around.
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oh I should probably add if I don't contact her for a few days she will start snap chatting/msging being a lot more interested and chatty
Girls or guys? can you explain this girls behaviour for me please?
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