How can I put a stop to all this drama girls create over my body? It hurts me! : (

This is gonna sound like I’m some horrible insecure middle school girl, but please read and help by answering if you can. Sorry for the long post.

I’m a 34D (no, it’s not as huge as it sounds!) and I’m 16 and a dancer. Yes, it runs on both sides of my family, and no, there’s nothing I can do about it. I wouldn’t if I could, because like being that size. If these girls would only shut up I’d be fine!

At my dance school, ALL the other girls are an A except me—and maybe a couple fat ones who are like B’s! But because I have a small ribcage and am NOT fat, I can wear smaller sizes than the fat girls (contrary to popular opinion…ugh) and they always give me ENORMOUS costumes that I have to alter at home before I can bear to be seen in them…seriously, who likes dancing in a tent?! Besides, I’m not a fan of the audience being able to see everything up my dress when I lift my leg over my head—as is often part of our routines—and so for practical purposes, it doesn’t work well either.

And it gets really really embarrassing when they are measuring for costumes! I measure 37-27-37 which is supposed to be good, healthy, and attractive, but all the other girls are laughing at me or acting all smug like I’m the poor fat child…some go even so far to say “well all the guys I know say there’s a such thing as TOO big…” with a glace at my chest. : (

I HATE how people confuse actually having breasts with being fat. And there’s nothing worse than hearing—“hey Katie, do you need help zipping up your dress? Doesn’t look like it’s gonna make it” or “better get a bigger T-shirt; no way is that going to fit you!” or when it’s time to open the costume bin “I don’t think there’s anything in there that’s big enough for you. Well, I GUESS you can try that on, but don’t rip it!” UGHHHHHHHH I am soo tired of faking a smile when I want to scream! Why are they so insensitive to my feelings?

I know this sounds terribly immature and I should “love how I am,” and I try really hard not to let this get to me, but it bothers me; I can’t pretend it doesn’t. When people DON’T make fun of me, I’m perfectly happy with myself, but it’s difficult when it’s a constant thing. Any tips with how I can get these negative comments from these girls to stop without being nasty myself?

Part two of my question: Other thing I find especially frustrating is that everybody (guys and girls) seems to think that just because I have big boobs, I’m promiscuous. Which is NOT true; I’m a virgin. Why why why? I just hope no one listens to the rumors they’ve started. I don’t get it—I’m a nice girl, I get along with everybody… these are the girls who I help with their homework, cheer them up when they’re down, get together with guys they like, and everything!

Please answer both my questions if you can! Any advice or ideas are welcome.

How can I put a stop to all this drama girls create over my body? It hurts me! : (
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