When a guy "grooms" himself does this mean he's interested?

A few things I've noticed with my crush today:

He would put a hand on my arm or shoulder and playfully shove or nudge me

He would run his hands through his hair

We hug when we say goodbye and he would kiss me on the forehead a few times and play with my ears

Sometimes he'd flick my nose

What do you think?


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  • Yeah he fucking kisses you, holy shit, do you need him to pull out his dick and slap you with it?


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  • he's flirting with u next time he does it do it back wen i met my bf he kept pulling me down next to him and he would keep trying to find ways to touch me and i eventually broke the ice and licked his face lol and then he full on kissed me he's just trying to break the ice but he's waiting for a return to say if ur interested or not

    • LOL you licked his face? That's a new one :P I'm too shy to try that but I do nudge him back and I try and flirt with him back too.

    • yeah i licked his face like a puppy haha i just put on the cute innocent act haha it works every time lol

    • If my crush did that to me I'd be in shock but happy.

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