Guys: do you ever reminisce on a girl's kiss?

guys, do you ever recall how a girl kissed, or how she made you laugh, or even the sparks that flew when you met her?

I'm talking about an acquaintance, someone you dated, obviously not a girlfriend (cause I'm guessing everyone remember those things about an ex gf)


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  • Let's start with the easy ones.

    I have a cousin that I've crushed on for most of my life and all of hers. We kept a respectable distance while we went through our respective marriages. Then I told her how I felt. She said, "Me, too." We kissed. I will never forget that kiss (it was during a 1-floor traverse in an elevator)! We have not pursued this any more. :-(

    I've never thought about a non-girlfriend kissed. It's kind of an E) Does not apply.

    Girlfriends differ in their kissing. And then there's those exceptional kisses that happen once every few years. Ones that you never forget. Like Karin in Germany; she wasn't a girlfriend but always acted prudish around her parents. We were alone on the porch one afternoon. I kissed her, she put her arms around me, and rested her head on my chest after the kiss. That was a few years ago, but I'll remember it for the rest of my life.

    Then there was my girlfriend Alice in Oregon. We shared one kiss that was so special. Different from the rest. I can't characterize it. It was beautiful. I'll remember that one, too.

    I believe it had to do with the attraction we had for each other, in every case, plus romantic circumstances.



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  • Honestly, I don't remember that about all of my ex girlfriends. Just the ones which were particularly good or bad kissers.

    For the non-girlfriends... the "couple of date" girls or whatever... there might be two or three I remember... but mostly it's ther personality or intelligence level I rememebr most.

    How good the conversation was is the most prescient feature in my memory regardless of long term or short term status.

  • We'll since you ruled out ex's, I'd have to say only one. Only because she had the softest lips ever.

  • yes


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