Girls, do you prefer black guys or white guys?

Ok, I don't intend to make a racist forum or anything. Thing is, I was talking with a bunch of girls from work (all white and one latina), and they explained there's some stigma and curiosity to sleeping with a black man, but for long term relationships they preferred a white man. They all seemed to agree pretty much instantly. A couple of them said they liked feminine looking white men but others preferred the typical masculine men like Benedict Crumberbatch or Alex O'whatever from Hawaii Five O tv series. They did agree that very few black men like Will Smith look just as good as a white handsome man. Is this topic weird? Would you agree with them? I'm not black by the way just curious. And you can post annonimous so be honest please, if you are not interest in explaining anything you can also vote. Thanks!

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  • It doesn't matter to me. I usually fall for white guys but I would give a black or whatever race guy a chance. As long as he is human and what you are looking for I color shouldn't matter.

    • That's fine. Thanks for the honesty and opinion.

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  • Look, I'm an 18 year old black girl/woman. I strongly prefer to date a white/Caucasian guy, mainly because that's what I'm used to being around. I don't fall into the "ghetto" stereotype, but I keep seeing a large amount black/African American guys trying so hard to fall into it. It's not as much of a problem with the white/Caucasian community.

    But, in general, I'm opened to dating either race, as long as my guy applies himself in school, future career, his physical appeal, and having a nice personality as I do.

    • Hello, I'm caucasian white guy. I'm 20 years old and last year to finish my physics master grade. I'm medium sized in length a little bit taller, broad shoulder, abs, a little bit broad hips and well build back and arms and handsome eyes and eyebrows (that's what my female clasmsates and my mom and grandma told me). I also have 8 inch thick cock (sorry if it sounds rude) and I'm looking for a beautiful smart straight girl to marry and make a family and take care.

      Would you accept me by chance maybe?

  • I'm actually black, but I guess I prefer white men, but it won't stop me frmo dating other races as well.

  • I normally look for a connection that you share with someone - like everyone else I initially look at whether a guy is good looking (from my perspective) and as we start chatting I either start feeling connected to him or not. I dont care about race.

    • It's ok but have you been with mostly black men or white men? My intention is not to be dismissive but these girls assure a tendency to prefer the white guys. Maybe there's a stigma to other races? Who knows...

    • Well I am an Aussie so I haven't met what you call a black man. So yes, mostly dated white guys - except a half-maori guy and a half malasian guy (both were gorgeous) - mainly because I haven't met hardly any black guys.

    • Fair enough. Thanks for the opinion!

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