Date ideas for couples with strict parents?

Me and my girl wanted some ideas for semi cheap romantic dates or ways to just hang or be together. None of our friends that are couples are as intimate with their partner and they won't hang out for anything dirty so it would only be us. Are their any ways we can be with each other and be "alone"? Please help your feedback is appreciated.


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  • Well I was gonna suggest going to a movie,, playing mini golf, stuff like that, but it doesn't sound like you want public places where you can just hang out

    • Well public places are fine but I want to know if there are anyways it could just be us. Also I would like dates in general like putt putt and we can't find any movies. Another thing is she's not into chick flicks

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    • I know, but I'm not comfortable recommending those types of things because me and my boyfriend are waiting as well and I wouldn't want to recommend something that would tempt you

    • Ok well thanks for the advice. Have a nice day.

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  • movie night in your parents basement seems like your only option


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  • go for a picnic or to the park/mall and walk around.


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  • If u r a student... say them dat ur going to have a study wid ur frnd at his home nd it's very imp nd I have to be there...


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