Girls, if you are dating a Taurus guy, what pissed you off about him the most? lol... I have a Taurus guy. That why iI asked ?


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  • The Taurus I knew he was emotionally un-stabled, constantly jealous of whom i'm with, always having conversations with me about me... just a big fat baby. I'm just naming the qualities that pissed me off, haha.

    He was my first boyfriend so it was a lot to handle I couldn't give my whole attention, my whole life to him. I was too occupied with my studies and job so I couldn't emotionally support him (we were in a long distance relationship) but I did try my best but I knew this wasn't going to work out so I ended it. I was curious to know what its like to have a boyfriend. So I'm not a big fan of Taurus men, haha. I'm a Libra, it says I get along with a Taurus but it also mentioned I can become bored of them... exactly what happened to my relationship. This is just my point of view :)


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  • I love Taurus men. I'm deadly serious i love Taurus men the ones i have dated just seem to automatically know a woman's silent wishes, and needs. The Taurus man just gets it, they get everything about how a woman wants to be touched, simple they know their way around the female form, maybe i have just been lucky, but yes i have a soft spot for Taurus men, Love em :)

    RIGHT NOW! what pee's me off about the Taurus man is he is usually of high intelligence, not to mention good looking BUT he has a tendency to think he knows it all and is always right, but hey his sensuality and all the other qualities that go along with that, makes up for him being a know it all i can live with that.


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