Girls, what annoys you the most in guys?

I know that there are many things that guys do that annoy annoy the hell out of girls. Please vote in the poll and explain why in the answer.

  • Scratching that itch in public.
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  • Leaving the toilet seat up.
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  • Rude language in embarrassing places/times.
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  • Other.
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  • Man there's so many things we do to annoy women its quite funny. Lets see there's always thinking about sex, beggin for sex, not listening to whatever crap she has to blab off that day, not cleaning up, dishes, clothes, bathroom stuff like that. They get annoyed when you don't like there friends, when you get drunk and don't pay attention to her, when you forget her b-day, anniversary, when we hang out with the guys too much, when we would rather see a cool movie instead of some lame chick flick, but I think the two things that really really annoy women the most are Not making a decision, and you getting mad when they go and hang out with there friends for a girls night out.

    • Brilliant answer! Lol - the best answer going to for a question for girls going to a guy. I totally agree with you on this one. There's almost too many things that guys do that really gets to girls. I think it was Woody Allen who said: "What men hear: 'blah, blah, blah, SEX, blah, blah, blah, FOOD, blah, blah, blah, BEER.'" Hmm, however true that may sometimes be, though, I don't think many girls appreciate it. That's the way too many lazy bastards think, and they wonder why women get annoyed!?

    • That was too funny! LMAO

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  • When a guy doesn't show respect to the girl he is with when they go out. Flirting with other girls, ignoring the one they are with.

    • I know how that feels and it sucks!

    • Boils down to disrespect and yeah, it's bad. It makes you wonder if he truly values you, and that is not a nice feeling to have.

  • I chose other because something I hate and have noticed in most of my exes is they can be so possessive. When I first hook up with a guy he acts cool with the fact that the majority of my friends are guys but the minute we start to get remotely serious it becomes a problem. Suddenly I'm being questioned about guys I always have and always will see as my family (there's three specific guys) it seems I constantly have to defend myself and reassure my bf that they are JUST FRIENDS!!

    • Something interesting for you to see. Go check the answers by Lesae and the anon girl that answered first. I agree with you too (see little agree point), but I think you might find comparing your answers quite funny. Go see and crack yourself up. Lol.

  • Are we talking about men in general or just S/O's?. LoL. Because I could fill a book with things my hubby does that annoys me. Haha. Like taking his clothes off in the middle of the living room and not picking them up. Same with in the bathroom. Losing things all the time. Sitting on the comp for hours right when he gets home without even showing me any affection first. The list could go on and on. LoL

    In general. I hate that men hold looks as the #1 reason for dating someone. While I do believe that looks will initially attract a mate. I do not think it should be the #1 factor in choosing between one person and another.

    More then likely the guy will take the "hot " girl over the "cute" girl and the stick skinny girl with huge boobs over the average bodied girl. Even if the "latter" (in their opinion) is the one they are most likely to be happier with in the long run.

    OR. When they will bone the hot girl first for a while and then expect the one they rejected before to come skipping back to them after they had their fun.

    I also can stand the way guys can be very inconsiderate when it comes to people's feelings.

    There's a few more I'm sure I will think of later. LoL

    • I can see where you're coming from about your husband. My mother used to HATE it when I did all of that. I hope I've gotten past that or my wife someday will hate it too.

      Looks are initial attraction for me, but they can't cover a bad personality.

      For me, I disagree with the third par. I'm not like that, thankfully as I want happiness rather than just a body.

      Some guys are def like that 4th par.

      Some inconsiderate, others inept, and few others good

      I can't wait for more - I want to improve.

    • The third part thankfully wasn't from my own relationships. But I have seen a lot of my male friends and friend of friends do it. And it really is sad that some men can be that way. But I know theat it goes both ways and I have seen a girls do it too.

    • Well, it's in a guy's nature to be attracted to looks. We guys are more interested in seeing and touching things, you can trace that back to when we were little kids. This is usually why we have more of an interest in such things as video games, building stuff, and sports while you ladies are the social butterflies interested more in hearing & emotionally feeling things. That's why women usually love socializing much more than men and also why you ladies love poetry so much more than us guys.

  • Looking off as you are talking. Or acting like he is not listening. (although he might be) I want EYE CONTACT come on its not that hard

    • Good point. Strangely enough, in some African cultures (not mine,) eye contact with older people is a sign of disrespect (you're challenging their authority). Generally though, I agree with you. It shows that you listen and respect the speaker.

  • When a guy says "we should do something this weekend" and you get so excited about it and when it is the weekend he doesn't call you and you try to call him and it turns out he can't do anything, that really annoys me, and that happens to me all the time cause the guy I'm talking to is really flaky.

    • I can easily see that as really annoying. It boils down to lying, and that shows a lack of respect for girls when guys do that. Do you stick around guys like that or do you dump them?

  • I hate it when guys try and show off, or act obnoxious to get attention. Especially when their with their guy friends, or in front of girls. It's a sign of immaturity, insecurity and stupidity, and it's a major turn-off.

    • I can agree with that. It's an overload of arrogance, and it gets to me too. Sometimes it can even turn nasty, especially when guys talk about girls and all the 'notches' on their belts. That makes me want to get punch-happy. You too?

  • I definitely have to agree with See. I don't mind if we are alone and they like to curse or whatever but when we're in public or around parents it's just rude and disrespectful.

    • Wow. I said "see" instead of See lol sorry about that. I think I was in my own world when I typed that.

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    • I'm okay with the swearing as long as he doesn't get too out of control with it I think that's rude.

    • Ok, that is the cutest baby !

  • when they act all big and macho and they really look like an idiot

    • Lol. I actually love it when some people do that. It means that I can laugh myself silly at their expense and they're likely too thick to notice. Thanks for the answer!

  • I Dislike when a guy says

    1. " we going too hang out tomorrow" the next day comes and he changes his plan.

    2. Show off when he is around his friends but acts different towards me.

    3. Calls every second and when you don't pick up he keeps on calling and won't hang up

  • I don't like it that they don't reassure us more that they like us or care about us. And if they don't really care, I'd rather they break up with us instead of trying to drop hints, ignoring us, etc.

    I don't care about scratching and I put the seat down before I use it. I'm ok with rude language when it's appropriate. If I love the guy those are not deal breakers.

    • Nice answer. The first part of the answer reminds me of an Adam Sandler movie: 50 First Dates. It is kinda romantic in that it has him trying to win her heart every day for her entire life, rather than just taking her feelings for granted. I'm glad that real life isn't as one sided as that, normally anyway, but I think it's fitting considering your answer.

      Nice answer about the irritants, too. If you love someone, you should love them quirks and all. That doesn't mean he has to be rude, though.

    • I liked that movie. I didn't really think of it that way, but really once you love someone and make a commitment to them, you really do have to work at it each day to keep it going. Not just one person though, both have to understand it will take work every day.

  • Whenever you go out

    and his ex girlfriend comes up and he gives her huge bear hugs

    and doesn't introduce me to her .


    When he treats his mom bad in front of me, .

    When he doesn't express his feelings towards me through words .

    When he's sarcastic all the time . Omg . Lol

    • That's really disrespectful not to introduce an ex after giving her a hug, but I'm sure you don't like their hug either .

      I've heard it said that if you want to know how he'll treat you, take a look how he treats his mom - it shows for later in life .

      Guys are private with their feelings . Sorry .

      Sarcasm can be used as an defensive mechanism when things get a little uncomfortable, but sometimes we can hurt people that we love with it .

      BTW, see comments my other Q about what girls do that's annoying

  • Rudeness. Impoliteness.


  • I guess 11 months later is pretty late to answer this question, but I'm having a go at it any way :D..

    I picked too much swearing, like using f***k, Bitch and loads of other offensive words in every other sentence. I used to like this guy when I was on the rowing team for my state,but he turned out to be a big swearer and that totally turned me off.. I don't Know what he was trying to prove by swearing while having a conversation with me...

    you seem like a pretty sweet and thoughtful guy BTW.. :D

    • It's not late at all. This was just an interest question to see what girls think and to tell the guys that don't have a clue.

      The English language is a beautiful thing, and it gets to me too when people can't express themselves properly using it. There are better ways to express frustration than swearing and only idiots can't use them. It can really open up doors in life to speak respectfully to people and close them when swearing. Why can't some people see that?

      Thanks for the answer! :)

  • Being selfish and materialistic. While this can go both ways for sure and it bothers me period I still can't stand it when men are like that either.

    • Sheesh! You get so many points from me because I always try to agree/disagree and comment too. Oh well. Lol!

      Yeah, I can definitely see that one. It kinda makes you wonder what you're there for if he's selfish. Materialistic, some guys see it as budgeting if you don't have much. I can see that it will become a problem if he prefers wealth over a girl. Okay, that's an understatement. A guy that does that doesn't deserve the greatest treasure given to mankind. I'll let you decide what that is.

  • Most likely all three A B C can't stand when they do that seriously

    • I'm surprised that B hasn't got any votes yet. That's the one that I always hear girls complaining about (I don't do that, as I'm very particular about not annoying people when possible). I find it funny that C, the one I made up, is the 2nd most popular.

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    • I wasn't meaning you were being rude! I meant people in general. People don't seem to realize that there are better things to say than to swear. It's rude to swear when there are more decent things to say. Please don't think I was upset by your answer?

    • It sounded like it but its ok and yes I know swearing is supposedly the only option that exists these days within our society apparently

  • How two months ago, he wasn't ready for a relationship with me. But now he has a girlfriend. That's a little annoying.

    • I've had experience with that. First girl I told her of my feelings said she wasn't ready for a relationship. Ten days later she was going out with another guy. That was nearly two years ago. At least she's happy with him.

    • Yeah - I mean, I knew the truth - he just didn't feel that way about ME. He could have told me the truth. It would have hurt but I would have gotten over it. But I do hope he's happy.

  • When your talking about your ex's all the time I mean come on every now then it okay but it gets pretty annoying after a while also when guys can't come out and talk about their feelings. I would actually like to hear it I know men rather show their feelings than talk but.

    • I know what you mean. I had an ex who would talk about his and not even notice that he did, but I did. It eventually stopped but I told him that his ex's had nothing to do with our situation. I also hate it when you break up with them and they act like.

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    • Trying to get someone jealous is being manipulative. If you ever want to find true love, as it were, how could anyone think that manipulating someone into their feelings will make that person trully love them? Life doesn't work like that - if you manipulate someone or force them, they WILL resent you for it, not love you. Hmm... sorry for the rant, but I think it fits.

    • Don't worry about it but people do do that with out even realizing all the time s0o0o yeah

  • I put C because I hate rudeness in any form and I just htink its unnecessary

    like if you stub your toe or watever and say "oh damn" I'm not gonna break up with you

    just OVERuse of it bothers me

    like oh what the f*ck you little ol betchs oh damn dig tht ass o sh!t my god you f*cker

    its jsut too much

    i also hate it when theyre afraid to tell us if they like us

    jsut start being friends and tell us you like us in lyk a txt or sumthin if ur shy

    even tho its kina hard not face to face

    • Agreed. There is such a thing as too much rudeness. There is a time and place for it (as you said, if you hurt yourself or something REALLY bad happens) but then you get people without enough imagination to use the english language correctly. There are perfectly acceptable ways to say something without swearing and being rude 24/7.

      Shyness is the bane of my existence. Quite a couple of girls have said that they don't like it when a guy is too shy to say something about how they feel. Hmm..

  • I hate.

    1. When guys don't take me seriously / disregard stuff I say because they have huge ego problems

    2. When guys think bringing up sex will automatically make me crazy for them (dirty jokes are only funny the first time)

    3. Stalking - don't follow me around! It's suffocating!

    4. When guys are overly-self-conscious around me. That just makes conversation really awkward.

    • 1. Don't give guys like that the time of day, regardless of other 'qualities' they may possess - it's unlikely to change except to get worse.

      2. Erg. Dogs, and smelly mutts at that. Personally I don't think you should show any interest in guys like that at all. They don't really respect you, or women.

      3. Understandable. Guess I should hang up my dark glasses, cloak, and camera for good, huh?

      4. You do realize what's going through their minds then, don't you? That's if only around you, though.

    • Lol you sound pretty intense.. I don't think I could go out with you.. you sound too insensitive

    • Lol... intense, yes, insensitive, no. but I guess I couldn't go out with you if you don't like intense. ;)

  • When they either smell really bad (like cigarettes or BO) or when they wear too much cologne.

    • I agree, but that goes both ways. I can't think of any girls I know that smell bad, but do you really ever wonder why guys are so terrified of entering the cosmetics/perfume section of shops? Sometimes, too much of a great thing isn't so great.

  • I have another thing that guys do that annoy me. When you are arguing with them for something that they did and they take it as a joke and laugh

    • I must admit that this is the first time I've heard this one before. How's your tone of voice when you argue for what they did? Maybe there's something there that makes them think you're not serious. I'm sure it's highly frustrating and likely hurtful too

  • To me, it's guys being so f*ckin indecisive and hot//cold...THAT will piss me off most in a guy, and more than likely I'll stop talking to him because of it

    • Hmm, you know, you're not the only person to have said that. It must REALLY be a major peeve for most girls.

  • For me when guys are completely oblivious that a girl likes them and they definitely make it clear. Also when guys hesitate to ask a girl out. That is annoying!

    • Sorry, I'm a shy guy. That automatically makes me clueless and also terrified to ask a girl 'that' question. I do try though to be a little more in touch with what girls are feeling and thinking. Many guys don't, and they are blamed for being insensitive.

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    • I knew my girlfriend for a whole year before I finally found out from one of her friends that she had been "pursuing" me for the whole year prior to that. I had absolutely no clue - she never spoke more than two words to me each time we saw each other, so I just figured she was shy and didn't talk to people much. I had no idea she liked me at all!

    • I'd say she was shy. Can't think of anything else that could do that.

  • when we make plans, and you ditch us to hang out with your friends

    • Owch! That's total disrespect, and you shouldn't let a guy get away with it. You deserve far better than that, as does every person. Forgetfulness is one thing, but ditching deliberately is something else entirely. Don't settle for less than the best.

    • This happened to me so many times I don't even know what to do anymore

  • OH and also when they're really really really shy. It's like. Just say something! I'm not about to judge you!

    • You know what? That is the number one fear many guys go through when considering asking a girl out. Sadly, many girls do just that. I'm fairly shy, but luckily my experience so far is that she was as nervous as I was - not that I wanted her to have any discomfort, but that I needn't have been so worried she'd scream at me. Interesting thought.

    • Honestly I think girls just get tired of that. Well girls like me, who hate lingering around and waiting for guys to make the next move. I mean, if I've dropped hints, that means I either like you or I'm expecting you to ask me out. Rejection is rejection - other girls will come along. I mean, I've rejected guys and I've been rejected yet the world still turns, hm?

      Well that was a little harsh but you know what I mean. :)

    • I do, and I can see where you're coming from. That doesn't make it any easier to deal with rejection though. Sometimes a guy can become so besotted that he can't see any other girl as being the right one to ask out. I'm fairly sure that goes both ways. BTW, be careful with hints - many guys said that they hate that above all other things girls do in another question I asked.

  • My boyfriend gives me as much attention as he can since we are in a long distance relationship but there are little things that p*ss me off so much! He will tell me he'll call me soon (meaning within 45 min) but ends up calling me hours later or calls me within 45 min. and tells me that he's busy now. so why did you make me wait so long bringing me hopes up that we are actually going to have a conversation? my mood is usually shot when he calls me back again... I'm not as excited as I was before to talk to him.

    he will comment other girls' pictures on Facebook. I understand you have eyes but I find that very disrespectful especially since you have a girlfriend... don't go around making other girls feel special and flatter them. girls love hearing compliments...especially from boys and then they are led on.

    when his roomate is in his dorm for the weekend, he practically has no time to talk to me but the weekends his roomate leaves, he will stay on the phone for hours and will never get off. and when I don't have time to talk to him, he'll make sad noises/faces yet I face it when he's busy with his roomate/friends.

    but there are so many other reasons why I love him so I accept minors flaws (something everyone has including me) or at least confront him. I don't want to sound over protective by telling him not to comment other pictures of girls but I think that bothers me the most out of everything. especially if its an old crush of his who is a horrible person and treats every guy she has ever met terribly. why must he talk with her if he complains she is so horrible?

  • guys with commentment issues. guys play the role for months and send out mixed signgals just like females do, all the time. I wish guys can just be more upfront and honest. If you don't want a relationship then let that be know. And if you do want one just not serious then tell us that also. We know that prince chaarming will never come but thiswould really make it easier in our search.


  • nothing really annoyes me I'm pretty laid back and fun the only thing that does is being friends with other girls I hate when guys do that

  • selfishness...

  • when they lie, cheat, do things that just downright p*ss a girl off. but we love them =))) <3

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  • because they were good in the sack