Do Caucasian guys hate Caucasian girls?

I watched this video entitled "Why White Guys Should Like Brown Girls." on YouTube.

It made me wonder if Caucasian men hate Caucasian women now?

Then, read the comments.

Here some of them are:

"white girls suck. who the hell is dating them?"

"i'm white and I'm more attracted to asian,? latina and black girls!"

"im white and I'm down with? the brown =]"

"I don't like white girls, they are annoying..."

"I am Italian and I only date brown girls! love them"

"im a white? guy. I like brown girls."

"<~~white guy? ..always dated brown girls. sexiest women on earth come from the islands and south America."

"I'm white. I like brown girls.?"

"Damn, why can't England be close to all these Hispanic/Latin countries instead of racist America so we can get all these fine Hispanic/Latin ladies in our country. Peace from a white Englishman dating a a? beautiful Puerto Rican woman, you girls are beautiful."

"Don't forget that Brown is also Mexican. White guys do like brown girls because? they are exotic and sexy women in the world than...white and black women. But it doesn't matter, people can date whoever they want. :)"

"I'm white and I love Brown girls. Mainly because most because American girls are white and I don't like American women lol. Lately I've had a thing? for Indian and Middle Eastern women."

"I'm your basic, standard issue, red-haired, blue-eyed, Celtic American (with a little Choctaw blood) White guy. My first wife was American, and the experience was traumatic enough that I vowed never to marry again. Thirteen years later I married traditionally raised Mexican girl, smartest move I ever made in my life was marrying? that ornery little Mexican. I don't know about THESE brown girls, but THIS White guy is happy with HIS Brown girl."

"I'm white, and I've never dated a white girl. I've dated brazilian, colombian, puerto rican, indian, vietnamese, Pinoy...nothing? better than Ethnic women!"

"Brown girls are? the best. I hate white girls."

"It's true, white girls are the worst.?"

"im a white guy. only date Hispanic/latin or middle eastern women. :D nothing more beautiful than curly dark hair, brown eyes, and soft brown skin. <3 brownies for life. and white chicks? are pretty disgusting anyway..."

That comment received 40 likes.

I think it is safe to assume most of them hate Caucasian females. Why is this?

I also find it a bit odd because Mila Kunis is the new Hollywood favorite, and she is Caucasian. Although, she is Ukrainian Jewish and comes from a different culture than most Caucasian Americans, so I suppose she would be seen as exotic.
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Yeah. Natalie Portman is hotter than Mila. Her face has better proportions.
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I am half black, a quarter Irish, and a quarter Pakistani.
Do Caucasian guys hate Caucasian girls?
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