What is the most annoying thing a girl does when texting them?

Just wondering, what are maybe your top three things that annoy you the most when you text a girl. what drives you crazy in a good way as well? if that makes any sense... also, what are some suggestions to girls when texting guys?


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  • 1- just because he doesn't respond, doesn't mean he's mad and doesn't want to talk

    2- closed ended answers. examples, yes, why, not much u?, etc.

    3- Don't text him everyday. If he likes you, he'll text you.


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  • When a girl always makes a guy initiate conversations over text, it gets really annoying and confusing for me on if she likes me or not.

  • One word answers, very hard to continue a situation. Repeated LoLs or Hahas. If you need to go and do something, tell me, and get it done.

  • one word answers and dead end lines, ie he ask how class was you say class was good BOOM dead end

  • If you have something you want to talk about, it's okay to be the first one to text. Don't make him do it every time and then get mad at him because he had nothing particularly interesting to talk about.

    If you do initiate texts, bring something to the table and not just say "hi" and expect him to carry the conversation from there.

    If I don't text back immediately, don't be overly dramatic and come up with wild assumptions. I could actually be busy or something.


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