How to make up for being a bad boyfriend?

Okay, so I want to explain what's going down here. But if you don't want to hear this just go down to the "(QUESTION)"
I've never had a girlfriend until this angel appeared. It was perfect. We've been dating for about 5 months now and I'm surprised.
I'm a fat, ugly, insecure loser and no one really talked to me who was a girl, and then suddenly this beautiful girl started to.
And I mean BEAUTIFUL. She used to be one of the snobby popular girls until she used her intelligence and left to be with real friends. This girl is intelligent too, when it comes to deep philosophy. But her sense of humor is bizarre, and she's pretty gullible. I love her with all my heart.
The thing is, I've been going through a lot lately (Which is no excuse) for:
-Barely texting her
-Making her feel ugly
-Making her cry 7 times
-Lashing out on her for her anxiety that she can't control
-Making fun of her with my friends (to not seem like a pussy)
-Never buying her gifts
-Never calling her pretty or beautiful (only like 5 times in 5 months)
-Never standing up for her
-Making her write and draw for me yet doing nothing in return
-She always tries to make me happy and does stuff to make me happy. I ask for something in return always. (even tho she deserves anything for my behavior)
-I've made her anxiety worse

And more, but I want to make up for it. She came into my life and I completely ignored how hard she tries everyday for me. She's so clingy and cares so much about me and when she gives me reality checks I lash out on her when she's only trying to help.

So I have to do the best thing ever for her and then for the rest of our relationship, treat her like the beautiful princess she is. I know it sounds corny but I don't care.
What should I do?


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  • The way you express yourself about her is incredibly cute and nice but the way you act says otherwise. You should totally apologize to her and tell her exactly what you wrote here, how you feel and then start doing what she does for you. It seems that she's an incredible girl and you seem nice too so start treating her the way she deserves if you don't want to lose her.


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  • Well, it's not too late.

    You can compliment her, and make her feel special again as long as it is honest and comes from the heart.

    You can also offer her a gift, and using the excuse of Christmas/New Year if you want. You can tell her that you did not have the occasion to buy her a gift lately so I'm sorry to giving you that late and hope that you'll like it (kind of).

    You can stop making fun of her when you are with you friends, and this should be a must from now and on.

    I guess that's it.


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  • First apologize and second act. Do all the things that will show her how you feel earn back her trust and love day by day. In order to repair the damage u have done it will take time but don't give up

  • Just show here this question!


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