Me and my crush don't have any classes together?

We don't have any classes together, we don't have any classes near each other and we have separate lunch periods as well. I'm pretty sure he's there, even if I don't actually see him. Cause, I heard him and his friends talking behind me and I heard his voice, but I didn't physically see him. Cause, I was afraid to turn around, to come face to face with him. But how am I supposed to survive high school without seeing him at all? My school is giant, I'm surprised I can find my friends every day. But my school has around 3000 kids in it. And I want to see him. Or any suggestions for me to kill this crush. Cause, I have many cute guys in my class this year, that I see everyday. </3


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  • Why don't you message him on social media to get together after school?


What Girls Said 1

  • Lol, awh man. I remember that happening to me.
    I was sort of "sad" at first but then forgot about it.

    Until! One day, he came to the cafeteria...💕💕


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