Difference between the Kiss Emojis?

Alright... So girls. Do you send these to just any guy? Or do they actually mean something... And is there a difference between the two.
1. Face Winking Blowing a Heart 😘
2. Closed eyes Kissing Face 😚


Most Helpful Girl

  • I only use the winking one or any with hearts involved with my boyfriend. I'll use the heart ones for contexts where he's being really sweet or something. A wink or that one that just looks like a horny emoji usually pops up if we exchange some dirty texts, or if I let him know I'm on my way to his place. ;)


Most Helpful Guy

  • I never send this shit to a girl. The feeling is so clear= approval seeking's behavior.


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  • I don't send this one ( 😘 ) to just anyone. I send it to my best friends.

    I don't use the second one.


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