Why do guys say "if you play your cards right" in response to me showing a little interest?

Two guys have said this to me, both police officers. So annoying. Like no, you play your cards right.


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  • No, you play your cards right, too. It doesn't work like that with a guy worth his weight in shit, you women are so entitled today you think just because you spread your legs and rub his crotch that you have him snared...

    • Yeah but it's like, some of us women are modest about it and won't outwardly say "oh yeah play your cards right" like it's just common knowledge, of course I have to play mine right too. It's just, why did he feel the need to say that?

    • Police Officers, my dad was a police officer and today I see a lot of white knights as police officers... maybe they feel like they are just "the shit" and are a bit arrogant, why do you have so much contact with POs?

    • They just flock to me I guess lol

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  • They are playing hard to get

  • Because they know you're arrogant and should be put in your place.

    Bravo. Goon on them.

    • Not at all. Just a girl who is finally tired of being stepped on for being nice and caring for a temporary guy who will just hurt me in the end.

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