Would you let 2 inches stand in the way of love?


Ok I have seen cute couples in Hollywood where the guy is slightly shorter, but none in real life. I used to say I would Never date a guy even a centimeter shorter or a year younger. Then I got older and realized I was limiting myself. I met my fiance who is the best guy I have dated in my life. I am 31. He is smart, very successful, comes from a good family, kind, loving, faithful, romantic, and just a good guy. I mean he really is awesome. He is the kind of guy you see things lasting a very long time with. Best of all his family loves me.
He is 5ft6, and I am 5ft7.5. He isn't puny. He weighs more than me because he has a lot of muscle. We are also an interracial couple. Black woman, white male. It is starting to not bother me but sometimes I do worry what others think.
I keep telling myself, you may regret it If you throw away a loyal good man and choose the flashy good looking character (ideal man) that probably won't have any of the qualities you value personality wise. He is very good looking, just 2 inches shorter. He is also the type of guy you have kids with. He is a great role, model and would make a good father. I am looking for a life partner and he has every quality I value.

I want both guys and girls honest opinions. Would you throw it all away over 2 inches?
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Would you let 2 inches stand in the way of love?
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