What does it mean when my ex called me babe?

I broke up w my ex about 3 weeks ago and we haven't talked to each other but today I had gym w him and me and my friends were playing truth or dare and I picked dare so my friend dared me to go up to him and say something sexy and I did so after class I had to go put my lunch in his class and when I did he grabbed his lunch and said "hey babe" at first I didn't hear him I just walked away but then when we were switching classes I went to grab a paper and he said it again so I was like "wait, what" because I thought I heard him wrong but he just walked away so at lunch I asked him I was like "what did u say in class?" And he was like "I said hey babe" and I was like "why" but he had to go to his class and now am confused as shit I mean I still have feelings for him and I know for sure he still has feelings for me but am confused cause 3 weeks ago I went up to him and told him that things weren't working out with us and I wanna break up w him so y would he call me that?
What does it mean when my ex called me babe?
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