Ex "accidentally" calling me Babe?

Ex and I were together for 7 years, then he cheated and we broke up, everything went kinda downhill from then on. We have a child together so we keep in contact frequently, we do well also. I had begged and begged to give it another try but to no avail, he didn't want to put effort into the relationship again. So I let it go finally, guess I ran out of fucks to give. Now that I am cold and detached with him he "accidentally" calls me Babe all the time. Calls me after he gets out of work wanting to chat about his day and texting me when he's drunk. I ignore as much as possible and it seems to only make him want to reach out to me even more but at this point I really don't feel like getting sucked in by him again. Also it's not like he has called me babe or baby for a LONG WHILE because we broke up some time ago. Only when I stopped caring about a relationship with him he starts calling me babe all the time to which I respond by calling him his name. Wth is this? What game is he playing or why is he even doing this?


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  • There is no accidentally he probably still likes you or still has feelings for you.


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  • so what i call every girl babe or baby


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