Why do I distance myself from guys if I like them (or feel that they might be interested)?

And is that normal?

I've never had prior experience with dating/guys (other than a few friends), so I don't know why I could do this, or how to fix it.

It's like I'll like a guy, and if he looks at me a lot (or if it's even a guy that I don't have a crush on, but they may seem to be flirting), I'll keep my distance. Sometimes if I imagine or really think about dating a guy/approaching him, I subconsciously distance myself, or may end up losing interest. And no, I'm not attracted to girls. I asked myself, honestly am 100% straight.


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  • You like making it hard for the guy. You want them to chase. There's also that "buyer's remorse" feeling you want to avoid if you rush into a relationship. Maybe you've grown up around who u consider to be "easy" girls and you dont wanna end up like them I don't know

    • You make a good point, I am a big victim of "buyer's remorse" with so many other things, and it could very much apply to this as well. And yeah, I don't want to seem like "that kind of girl", either. But I don't know how to stop doing this, if I should.

    • I would say though it sometimes can be unfair for a guy if he has to keep trying to impress you because you're scared or dont want to be vulnerable. You can miss out on something special. So i don't think it's necessarily a bad thing that you do that but you should rely on your intuition more to pick ur poison with guys.

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  • It is not normal. However, I have the same issue as well. It's probably tied to the fact that you do not feel ready to date right now and you're scared of feeling disappointed in case things do not work out.


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