Why did he blush after I kissed him on the cheek?

Does this mean he likes me? He also had a "shocked" expression on his face...What does it mean? It was just a kiss on the cheek :)


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  • He likes you a lot that's why he blushed.

  • of corse he like you, isn't that well known, girls do the same thing some times

    • Thank you for the posts! The shocked expression threw me ... thought I crossed the line by kissing him! He also took a step backwards.So I wasn't sure if he wanted it or not. I don't generally hand out kisses so might be reading to much into it.

    • I'm not him but if I liked girl kissed and she kissed me one cheek I would have done the same. he also could be "thinking did that just" and freaked a little, that could explain the step back and the shocked expression. the shocked expression is what really sold my on my conclusion

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