Taking a girl out to lunch?

Need me some help to avoid awkwardness! What do you do when that dreaded silence is upon you?

Should we split the bill? I have no problems paying for both of us, but she may find it offending?


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  • No girl is going to be offended if you try to pay for the bill. That just simply doesn't happen. Seriously. Some women might insist on sharing the bill, which is pretty cool, but that's it!

    I usually say something like, "Oh, don't worry, I got this. I asked you to join me so it's my bill." And I smile.

    Also... if you find a way to truly be CURIOUS about who she is, and what she's about, you'll never have awkward silence. Because you'll be too busy asking her questions about herself, and she'll be too busy talking about herself.


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  • Hmm, no I think firstly if you invited her to lunch; she might very well expect it. A lot of girls do. Personally, I never let anyone pay for me for anything, but I'm never offended when they offer, I find it sweet and just joke it off and tell them it's okay and that I got it. So I'd say offer and smile when you do it so she doesn't feel like it's a chore for you, if she says no; well then lucky you, more money =]

    Hmm, as for awkwardness, I suppose what you have to make sure to do is keep up your end of the conversation so that moment has very few chances to happen ey? Don't ask questions with yes or no or one-word answers, ask questions which require her to elaborate like "What do you think is the weirdest thing about you?" or "what book/movie made the biggest impression on you". Also keep things light; don't hit heavily on topics like exes or serious plans for the future, those might very well end up creating said same awkward moments. Most importantly.. Smile! be funny! Be open (and none of this means anything nearing fart-jokes... Those are just not cool man) but uhmm yeah; enjoy yourself. Ask questions you want to know the answer to in a way that will make her pay attention and stay tuned to the convo.

    Good luck ey!

    hope it all goes awesome :p

  • If your worried about silence, don't be! I think everyone thinks every single second needs to be filled with talk. Not totally true. Since your going out to lunch you have things to talk about around you which is nice! So it's not like your in a white room with no surroundings. Talk about anything you want! A movie you just saw or a funny story. It seems stressful to think about, but conversation usually flows :) Good luck and just have fun! Don't worry about there being so much pressure to make sure there isn't any silence. About the bill for me personally I wouldn't mind paying for my half. But if a guy insisted on paying I would let him. Just grab the bill and say "lunch is on me today" and smile. That will insinuate that there will be another date in the future and if the date went good then it sets it up for another date! :) Best of luck to you!

  • Well, I think it's nice of you to be thinking of that. Personally, I like splitting the bill on first dates because I don't like feeling indebted to the guy. However, I acknowledge that this is not the dating norm and if a guy offers I don't get offended, I just tell him I'd rather pay. If he pushes it and I like him I try to barter and insist I pay next time -- date number two secured, and things don't feel out of balance. Done and done! Take home message: just be willing to listen to her.

    In terms of conversation if you really hit it off with someone, the conversation usually just flows. Bring up common topics or interests, experiences you share, school, something crazy that was just on the news, wacky weather and how you cope... each of those can lead into anecdotes which can lead to questions about her or your relation of a similar event. Just go with the flow and I'm sure you'll ace it!

  • you need to pay for both even if she offers

    prepare a list of topics/stories to talk about in case there are silences


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