My boyfriends brother and sister have been shit talking me?

I have been apart of the family for 3 years. During these 3 years they have been used quite a bit. I babysit, loan money that is never paid back, clean his sisters house because she is lazy and has a daughter who needs a clean home, have bought them groceries, been a listening ear, etc. I never spoke ill about them.

My boyfriend and I were going through some stuff due to quarantine and took a break. He went to his sisters. While he was at his sisters he became distant and avoidant. Barely spoke to me. He came home the day before yesterday to talk after a lot of convincing on my end; with the intention of going back to his sisters afterwards. He was still acting weird but wouldn't talk about it until late last night.

When he did finally open up, his exact words were "I dont know why I ever let them convince me that I shouldn't try to make things work with you. You and I make a great team and neither of us give up on eachother and that's super important." I got him talking about it and apparently his sister (who had been calling me the entire time he was there to check up on me) told him that he should walk away; even going to the extreme of inviting over one of her friends (who is absolutely stunning), in hopes that being "single" around a gorgeous female would sway him into wanting to play the field.

His brother apparently flipped out on him as well, stating that he thought my boyfriend was an idiot and that once you break up, it's supposed to be final and you shouldn't work it out.

I was obviously extremely upset about this because they never say this to my face and they act like I'm the best person ever whenever they need anything. However, I didn't say this to my boyfriend because it's his family and obviously he's going through stuff right now that I did not want to trigger by being negative. Now I am wondering what I should do though. We are very involved with his family but upon hearing them run their mouth, I dont know what to do. Any advice would be helpful.
My boyfriends brother and sister have been shit talking me?
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