Why is he quiet around me ?

Things he does:

I feel him looking at me. I turn around and he looks away.

he looks at me from a distance but when we sit close he can't look into my eyes.

he respects girls. has friends that are girls. but he will never initiate a conversation with me. (but he will flirt with other girls. in front of me)

he pays more attention to me when I talk to other guys.

when I ask him a question he looks down and then answers it.

when I try to seem friendly and openhearted he backs away and doesn't join in on the conversations that I started with our group of friends.

for some reason I feel a connection with this person but he doesn't open up and try to befreind me.

does this mean he is not interested ? what is he afraid of ?

(we are both 17)

any advice on how to handle this? I feel attracted to him. and I don't understand why it is so difficult for him to talk to me like a normal guy,.



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  • he's clearly way into you but he's extremely shy and probably doesn't have a ton of self-esteem. if he's not otherwise extremely shy then the fact that he's extremely shy around you indicates that he extremely likes you. there is NO non interest to be had here. he just flat out really likes you. while you don't feel as though you're intimidating, and you probably aren't acting intimidating, you intimidate him because he thinks you're hot and he likes you. so he shrivels up because he doesn't want to make a mistake. get him alone and choose between these two things. kiss him or tell him you like him. it's obviously more difficult for him than it is for you so it's kind of going to have to be you that pulls the trigger.


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  • He likes you, he is just shy. (as you know) He is more comfortable to view you from afar and take notes of your interaction with other guys. He want's to be involved with you, he just has a hard time when he is around you. He doesn't know what to do and say when he is around you. He probably feels a little "out of his element" when he is around you, it's not anything you've done, like you said, you have provided opportunites for him to interact with you, but it's his uncertainty and insecurity that makes him quiet and shy. I would just try to get some one-on-one time with him, no extra friends or anything. He would definitely feel a bit more comfortable and willing to open up.

  • He is one shy dude. Even more shy than I am when it comes down to it. It probably means he likes you a lot (did you notice him blushing, if he did it at all, when he looked down and answered the question? ), you are gonna have to chip away at him slowly and in time he should open up to you.


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  • The guy I like would do this, even the looking down thing and when I would tell other people about it they thought it was so weird. I also thought he wasn't interested but according to a friend he apparently is. One time I did see him and it was just us and he didn't act this way but I initiated.

  • i think he's extremly shy because he likes you give it time

  • I know this type of guys , he is so damn shy , he is into you !