Girls: Would you date a guy who hasn't got a lot of friends?

The girl I like is extremely popular. She has got millions of friends and she is very outgoing and popular. I, on the other hand, haven't got many friends and I'm more of the quiet guy. We do have a few mutual friends. I'm a little shy but that usually goes away once I'm settled into a certain situation. However, I still am socially awkward 90% of the time and sometimes it takes me a while to become comfortable. Basically me and her are 2 completely different people despite our mutual friends. Almost like complete opposites.

Would you girls date a guy who didn't have many friends (Assuming you had millions of friends) and was a lot different to you? Can opposites really attract?


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  • What do you like about her if you're complete opposites? Sounds like it's two things. One, she's really pretty and that's the main reason you like her. And two, you admire those qualities about her and find them attractive, perhaps wish you were more like her.

    • When I say we're opposites I mean she's outgoing and loud and popular whereas I'm shy and quiet and unpopular. We have a lot in common though. And no, a girl being really pretty isn't enough for me. I look at the whole package.

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    • Not all shy guy are the same. I am shy but it doesn't take me forever to get comfortable with a girl an her frinds. I just don't come out of my shell all that much during the first meeting that's all. But aftr 2 or 3 meetings I'm fine. It's not like I don't talk at all.

    • Well some girls will be cool with that. Me personally though, I like a guy who's outgoing and chatty from the first meeting. That's how I am, that's how my friends are. It's just what I prefer.

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  • Yup, and I do. My partner is very much a small group of close friends then having loads that he can't ever have a day to AND I am like that too, I prefer close friends to loads of sort of close friends.

  • sure, why not? I'm not dating his friends, I'll be dating the guy. I don't care about a 'friend count'. complete opposites? then what do you like about her? usually when I like someone, it's because we share something in common or we have similar viewpoints. anyways, to some degree, opposites do attract.

    • Opposite in the sense that I'm quiet and shy and not popular whereas she is outgoing and loud and popular. But we have a lot in common and she has a lot of great qualities.

    • then go for it :)

  • yes, if I liked him.


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