Ladies, how would you feel if a guy asked you out this way?

Hi everyone,

So there's this girl at my place of work who I've come to like a lot. Long story short, I want to ask her out on a date. The dilemma is that because of the environment of our job, we are basically never together alone. Obviously this makes it very hard for me to ask her out face to face. Asking her before or after our shift isn't an option either because we are always arriving and/or leaving at different times.

My solution is to ask her out by leaving a note on her desk just before I leave my shift. I was planning on buying a little individual cupcake and putting the note in the container. That way there's a little more "oomf" to it rather than just leaving a crumpled up post-it note that she may just throw away before even looking at. The note would be really simple, something along the lines of "want to get dinner sometime?" with my name and number.

So my question is:

Ladies, how would you respond to something like this? Is the cupcake too much? Is the note a bad idea? Also, because I know someone will bring this up. Yes, it is OK for me to ask her out at my place of work. I know this can be controversial, but because of the circumstances around our job, it is acceptable in this situation. Thanks!
Ladies, how would you feel if a guy asked you out this way?
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