Girls, what do you expect on a first date?

Just as the question says.

Surprisingly, didn't find this question asked when I searched for it.

What do girls (ideally) expect on a first date?

And yes I know that it all varies with each girl, I mean, in general.:)


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  • Well for a first date I expect him to pay if he asked me out, if not I can cover myself. I'm just old fashion like that...

    I expect him to ask questions about me and tell me about himself. I would expect that if he asked me out that he already have a place/thing for us to do. Like don't pick me up and ask what I want to do, he should already have in mind a place. I would expect him to be polite and have manners at least if the place we're going to requires that... If we enjoyed ourselves I would expect at least a kiss and hug. If not I wave goodbye or hug will do.

    • Very helpful answer, thanks! So, guys shouldn't ask the girl what she would like to do for their first time going out? I tend to do that a lot, I just figure it's good manners, I mean, I would feel bad if I picked a place she hates but she didn't say anything. In regards to the asking questions and telling you about himself, doesn't that sound like an interview? I've read that it's bad to get stuck in the 'interview stage' on dates, lol.

    • Well if it's question after question it can begin to become interview'ish, but if you ask her where she's from and you can branch off that to more of a conversation it's alright. The point of asking questions is to settle into a topic which becomes of convo. It becomes an interview also when it's just one word answers after one word answers. That's boring.

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  • Sex...haha nah I usually don't "expect" anything other than him to make me glad I accepted his proposal of the date.

  • A happy ending :p

    • oooh la la, a little lickie lickie? Oh, you probably meant like a kiss goodnight or something huh lol

  • I expect to feel a bit of a connection and attraction. The sense that he respects me and is an honest, level-headed guy. And I usually expect him to try and kiss me at the end if it went well.

    • Oh really, ya other girls have said this, that they expect the guy to kiss the girl at the end of the date. I always go for the hug, figuring that the first date is too early to be kissing, but maybe I'm playing it a little too conservative?

    • i usually think he's not interested if he doesn't try.

    • Hugs are okay depending how long the hug is and how well the first date went. :D Like if it ends with you walking hand in hand a think a kiss is okay; walking a few feet apart and there being little physical contact throughout the date, a kiss might be too much or a surprise.

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