Dating someone with Parkinson's?

I met someone but she has Parkinson's disease. I'm not sure how I feel about it. Is that something you could deal with? What kind of difficulties would you encounter? Is it shallow to be afraid of being in a relationship with someone because of it?


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  • i personally wouldn't date someone with it. it would be too hard


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  • I have crohn's disease (totally different thing) but if a guy didn't know whether or not to go out with me because or it, I would think he was very shallow!

    Her parkinsons disease doesn't make her who she is as a person, get to know her for who she is and don't judge people because of their illnesses!

    I know its probably a bit scary at first being with someone with such an illness! But if you get to know her as a person and you are a decent mature guy you will see straight passed the disease and love her for who she is!

    Some girls with Parkinsons go on dates with guys, tell them about their illness and never hear from the guy again! Accept the girls illness as a part of who she is and not completely what she is!

    • I'm sorry you have crohns disease. I can sort of relate, since I have IBS but still... I think I'll give her a chance. I haven't even been with her long enough to really know if it is long term relationship material.

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  • i don't know anyone with parkinsons, but I think it could work out, I could probably deal with it

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