Girls, what do you consider "boring" texting conversation?

so you met a guy, you give him your number and he texts you...what are some examples of some typical boring texting conversation that guys usually end up doing?


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  • Guy: Hey, what's up?

    Me: Nothing much, hbu?

    Guy: Yeah, just chilling.

    Me: Cool

    Guy: Yeah.

    First of all, after getting past the boring "Hi, how are you?" prerequisite to any conversation, it's important to strike a familiar topic. It’s also important to know when to change the subject. Whether you initiated the conversation or not, change the subject when there appears to be nothing new to say or when others begin to fidget or act bored. Also ask a lot of open-ended questions. That is, questions that require more than a yes or no response. Start questions with why, how or what.

    I usually start epic conversations by stating something I heard in the news, mentioning something that I learned recently, asking an engaging question, and being completely random as well as funny. It is important to get the other involved!

    • so would questions designed to get to know her like "what do you do for fun?", "what music do you like?" be considered boring conversation topics?

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    • oh damn, I usually ask those question to figure out what she's like. I guess I better stop so I don't bore any more women..

    • No, sorry. I meant those questions are engaging and fun. So sorry, I read your comment wrong

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  • Hi.

    How's your day?

    What are you doing?

    Anything that's doesn't have a purpose and you don't know how to answer. I now know...since I am older...that men are simply trying to let you know you are on their mind. I can get over it more now but nonetheless it's irritating.

    Like the girls below say. You can't just answer a question and not ask something back if you want the conversation to keep going.

    • so how should the guy start the conversation then?

    • #1...keep it to a minimum. Especially if you are just starting out. Too much isn a turn off. A little here and there will keep her wanting more and keep her excited when she does hear from you.

      #2... Make sure you get a response before you send more. If you don't hear from her, give it a day or two and try again. If you don't hear anything...she is ignoring you.

      #3 if you really like her, call her. Keep it simple and short. No more than a few minutes to discuss whatever you need to.

  • after the "hi" part ..

    Him : hmm cool , so how was school ?

    Me: Nothing special.. it was freezing though

    Him: Yea.. I know right


    Me: So how is your mom ? ( or any type of idiotic silence breaker)

    etc etc ..

  • cut me off.

    #4- make it pertain to her. Did you see a show, read an article, see someone on the street or walk by a store that made you think of her. Get creative. If she is on your mind I am sure something triggers those thoughts. Ex: hey Jane. I hope you has a great weekend. I was walking by the bagel shop and it made me think of you. Did you do anything exciting?

    It shows it's not a just a line you use on anyone, you put some thought into it, and you generally care about what she has to say.

  • Like, things that you can't really reply to. Or you start to take over the whole conversation about s*it that the girl doesn't even care about.

  • Guy: How's it going?

    Girl: Great, (insert real answer here)

    Guy: ha ha woowww

    Girl: (insert question here)

    Guy: I don't know lol

    If he texts first it makes no sense why he would seem so disinterested -_-


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