When people ask if you are a couple and you aren't, so awkward, how to handle?

i am dating a guy and we talk all the time but we aren't boyfriend and girlfriend. I like him but I don't know if I want a relationship with him and I didn't think he wanted one with me even though I do think he likes me.

today we were getting drinks together, of course being very touchy and laughing a lot and I guess our body language looked coupley (we were leaning in, our hands were on each others legs, and in the street we hold hands, cuddle, kiss, etc) because this girl next to us asked "So, how long have you guys been a couple? I mean dating?"

His and my eyes met in this weird way and he goes to me "you answer that" and I had nothing to say so he goes to her "Yeah we're just friends and messing around with you. Actually, I'm her tutor and she's my student, that's how it really is"

Then I told him he should just tell her we are related and he started laughing and we were both cracking up with each other.

After we left he mentioned it and said I seemed unhappy when he said the "friends" word.

But he has said we are "dating" before and we are going out again in a few days.

So, what gives? does he like me? in general I think he is very into me.

and he does act like we are a couple when we are together. we hold hands, he kisses me, cuddles me, calls me pet names, talks to me all the time, etc.

after he told me I don't like that he used the friends word and asked if we are friends. He also started talking about how "these things are complicated" what gives?


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  • I have a couple of girl friends like that.

    It's really annoying when people say that.

    Just laugh it off. It's nbd :)

    He probably likes you. Platonic relationships between man and woman do not exist

    • but we aren't just friends anyway. he never ever called us friends before. he calls me babe and baby, we talk a lot, cuddle and make out and kiss and hold hands, etc.

    • maybe you are giving him the wrong signals..

    • I agree with you. Women & men can't be just friends. It always ends up being that that man or woman in this "friendship" have an interest in the the other..

  • just let it go. I've had it happen too & its awkward. he probably does like you but doesn't want to be the 1st one to say it incase you don't really feel the same way.


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