She won't start the conversation again until I text her first. Girls a little help here?

So there is this girl and ill text here one day and well have a conversation and then the next day she'll start the conversation but the she won't start the conversation again until I text her first. I was just wondering what this means? thanks
Is she showing interest and being careful or just doesn't want to text me?


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  • Well most girls, such as myself, just prefer the guy to do the texting/calling first. Because we were brought up that way by our old-fashioned parents, we just like the chase/attention from the guy we like, that's how we can tell if you like us or not, or maybe its all of those.

    But if you really like her, I suggest you don't text her for some days, & wait to see what she does. If she likes you back, trust me she will text you sooner or later but if not it could mean 2 things either she's just not interested or she's playing too hard to get which in the long term is a bad sign.

    Anyways.. hope this helps! =)


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  • If she replies to your texts when you text her then she is showing interest. If she didn't want to text you , she wouldn't text you first and then she wouldn't reply to your texts either. She just wants you to text her first because girls what at attention and they want to know that you thought of them and that you wanted to text them. When we text first, we always feel like we're annoying you. Continue to text her first to show you're interested, she'll keep replying if she enjoys talking to you and is interested in you too (:

  • She wants you to text her first. Us girls feel like we annoy you if we text you first, if you text us first it lets us know you want to talk to us :)

  • She wants you to text her first LOL

    Girls are weird like that we like it when guys text us first.

    • The girl likes you, I'm over the moon when my crush texts me or calls me. It's mot like she never texts you first, like most girls she wants you to text first that's all

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