Texting acronyms and meanings? BA will be given!

As lame as this sounds, both of my parents recently got an FB account and they don't know any of the 'lingo'. They asked me to make a list of the acronyms and their meanings for them. Unfortunately, I only got like 3 hours sleep last night and I'm brain farting as to what some of the others are. ha ha I don't want any repeats, and I will give BA to whomever has the most in their answer!

What I have so far:

*AFAIK- As Far As I Know

*AKA- Also Known As

*ATM- At The Moment

*BTW- By The Way

*FML- F*** My Life

*HBU- How About You

*HMU- Hit Me Up

*IDC- I Don't Care

*IDK- I Don't Know

*IDR- I Don't Remember

*IDT- I Don't Think

*IKR- I Know Right

*LMA(B)O- LAughing My A**(Butt-for the old foggies! haha) Off

*LOL- Laughing Out Loud

*NM- Not Much

*NVM- Nevermind

*ROTFLMA(B)O- Rolling On The Floor Laughing My A**(Butt-again, for the old foggies! haha) Off

*SMH- Shakes My Head

*TTFN- Ta Ta For Now

*TTYL- Talk To Ya Later

*TY- Thank You

*WTF- What The F***

*WTH- What The Hell

*YOLO- You Only Live Once (for my fellow 'ifunny'-ers: You Obviously Like Oreos!)

*YW- You're Welcome

Thanx in advance! :-)


Most Helpful Guy

  • *4u - Kiss for you

    31337 - Elite

    a&f - Always and forever.

    a.i.m. - aol instant messanger

    a/l - age and location

    a/m - away message

    a/s/l - age,sex,location

    a/s/l/p - age/sex/location/picture

    a/s/l/r - age, sex, location, race

    a3 - anyplace, anywhere, anytime

    attop - At The Time Of Post

    ayec - at your earliest convenience

    ayfk - are you fucking kidding

    Azn - Asian

    b& - banned

    bc - because

    BCC - Blind Carbon Copy

    BF - Boyfriend

    BFF - best friends forever

    b/g - background

    b0rked - broken

    c2c - cam to cam (webcams)

    cba - can't be assed/arsed

    cbb - can't be bothered

    cbf - can't be fucked

    ccl - Couldn't Care Less

    cd9 - Code 9 (other people nearby)

    ctf - capture the flag

    ctfd - calm the fuck down

    cul8r - See You Later

    cyb - cybersex

    cyu - see you

    c|n>k - coffee through nose into keyboard

    d&c - divide and conquer

    d&df - drug & disease free

    d.t.f down to fuck

    d/c - disconnected

    d00d - dude

    dadt - Don't ask. Don't tell.

    damhikt - don't ask me how I know this

    dawg - Friend

    db - database

    db4l - drinking buddy for life

    dbab - don't be a bitch

    dbafwtt - Don't Be A Fool Wrap The Tool

    dbag - douchebag

    dc'd - disconnected

    ddl - direct download

    ddos - Distributed Denial of Service

    dfw/m - Don't Fuck with Me

    dlf - dropping like flies

    DL - download

    dp - display picture (Hopefully they don't need to hear the other meaning)

    dqmot - don't quote me on this

    ExBF - Ex-Boy Friend

    ExGF - Ex-Girl Friend

    exp - experience

    ez - Easy

    ffs - for fuck sake

    GF - Girlfriend

    g2g - got to go

    gfd - god fucking damnit

    gfe2e - grinning from ear to ear

    gfgi - go fucking google it

    gg - good game

    ggf - go get fucked

    gn - good night

    gyco - Get Your Cock Out

    gypo - gypsy

    hubby - husband

    hud - Heads Up Display

    hw - homework

    hwms - hot wild monkey sex

    ibs - Internet Bitch Slap

    ily - I love you

    ily2 - I love you too

    jk - just kidding

    kir - kid in room

    kk - ok

    kkthxbye - okay thanks bye

    kky - kinky

    kma - kiss my ass

    kyko - keep your knickers on

    l8r - see you later

    laffo - funny

    lan - local area network

    lappy - Laptop

    lawd - lord

    leik - like

    lulz - A corruption of L.O.L. which means Laugh Out Loud

    lmgtfy - Let me Google that for you (There's even a website link )

    m/f - male or female

    m2 - me too

    m3 - me

    mbfal - my best friend and lover

    (More in the comments section - Take a look.)

    • mcds - McDonald's

      mmo - Massive Multiplayer Online

      mmorpg - Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game

      motd - message of the day

      MuMORPeGer - mmorpg

      n/a/s/l - (a request for) name, age, sex and location

      nmp - Not My Problem

      np - no problem

      nrg - energy

      nsa - No Strings Attached

      nsfw - not safe for work (an explicit content warning)

      ntmu - nice to meet you

      oic - oh I see

      omfg - oh my f cking god

      orly - oh really?

      pwnd - owned (a statement about victory - pronounced p'owned)

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    • hahahaha OK you def get BA especially because of the link :-) congrats!

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  • ASAP- As soon as possible

    AON- Apropos of nothing

    ASAYGT- As soon as you get this

    ASL- Age sex location

    ATB- Ain't that a bitch

    BM- Bite me

    BMB- Bite me Bitch

    BOTEC- Back of the envelope calculation

    BMOF- Bite me old fart

    FUBAR- F***** up beond all reason

    AFK- Away from Keyboard

    ALOL- Actually laughing out loud

    Aight- All right

    AMMFOMB- And monkeys might fly out of my butt

    SAK- Sleeping at Keyboard

    DAMHIKT- Don't ask me how I know that

    DR- Don't Reply

    DER- Don't even reply (This guy's trollin/an idiot)

    d/c- Disconnected

    DGT- Don't go there

    DETI- Don't even think it

    BAMF- Bad *** Mutha' Fu****

    EMFDYSI- English Mutha' Fu**** Do you Speak it?

    FP- Face Palm

    FTW- For the Win (It's awesome)

    GIR- Google it Retard

    GIF- Google it fool

    GII- Google it idiot

    IMO- In my opinion

    IMAO- In my arrogant Opinion

    IMHO- in my humble opinion

    LOML- Love of my Life

    TLA- Three letter acronym

    TTP- The TTP Project

    PAB- Payback's a bitch

    SSDD- Same sh*t different day

    WGBH- We got a badass here (sarcastic)

    WU- What's up?

    WYA- Where you at?

    .02- my two cents

    9- someone is watching don't say anything secret.

    • the 'bmof', 'ammfomb', and 'damhikt' ones made me giggle snort hahaha :)

  • dtf - down to f***

    std - sexual transmited disease

    YOLO You obviously lack originality

    SWAG secretly we are gay

    VW volkswagen ;d

    FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU - oh god that went bad


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