Is it normal for a girl to not wear a bra under her shirt when she is hanging out with a guy?

So I was hanging out with this girl I have a thing for last night. It's our first time seeing each other after texting each other for 4 months. We went to get a drink. She was wearing an undershirt and short shorts. I didn't notice at first, but as we leave to my car. I noticed that she was not wearing a bra, hence why I could almost see her boobs. She really doesn't seem like a slut or anything though. And some of my friends think that she likes me according to her text messages because she would put a lot of exclamation marks and sometimes capital letters in her messages.


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  • She probably didn't mean anything by it. Like I'm pretty sure that's not her way of saying "DO ME!" lol! Bras can get really uncomfortable! Especially with that damn wire! Try one on for an hour and you will see what I mean. She probably just wanted to be comfortable but that's really inapprorpiate and kinda tacky because for one, your breasts will flop all over the place for no apparent reason if you don't wear a bra. Two, if it gets cold and the wind grazes your nipples enough, they will be poking out and everyone will think you're horny and proud. Three, if someone gets a boner or pervs on you, it's kinda like you asked for it.


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  • Some girls prefer not to wear a bra, so I don't really think that's a sign of interest. Using exclamation points and capital letters aren't really a sign of interest as well...but that's just me maybe.

  • I hardly ever wear a bra and when I do it's usually a thin sporst bra, they're hella uncomfortable. It's kinda weird that she didn't wear one considering her clothing selections but I'm guessing she didn't mean anything about it. :)


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