Would you date an actress/actor?

I am not talking about an A-Lister a la Angelina, Clooney and co.

I mean aspiring actress/actor, that does it passionately, runs from audition to audition trying to make it somehow.

I am in acting school and want to do it for a living but I don't want to date a fellow actor. I am more into down-to-earth guys working normal jobs...but whenever I am dating new people, I get dumped for a less physically attractive woman (sorry if I sound arrogant here, I don't mean it that way, it' s just something my male friends and I notice every time I get dumped) with a more stable job like office lady for some company or a nurse etc.

I feel like they're somehow not 'confident' or 'informed' enough to want to an actress and believe that most of us are bimbos that sleep their way up...I really don't know. I am not dumb either, I went to college in Sweden (where I am from) and majored in theater studies. Now in West Hollywood, taking acting classes.

I am neither ugly, nor desperate and uneducated...and I can't have THAT bad of a personality, or?

Aw man...I really have no idea.

What about you guys? Would you date an actor/actress long-term?


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  • To be blunt, people in theater tend to be really strange. Everyone I've known who was in theater knows what I meant and agreed with it. Most of those people just aren't my cup of tea.

    Having said that, I'd go by the individual, not the group. If she was normal and her acting career didn't get in the way of the relationship, I wouldn't have a problem with it. But if she wanted to socialize with her co-workers in theater I wouldn't want any part of it, and she'd have to go alone. Bottom line is that I wouldn't be against it, but I think the odds are not good that I'd be compatible with someone in theater.


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  • no id prefer a girl with a little more substance to here then trying to be an actress. it seems so lame to me. id much rather have a girl that did something that I respect.

    • It depends. It is true that there are many people that give up their lives and try to become the next A-Lister that the world talks about...but there are people like me that do it for their whole lifes...I started being active in theater since elementary school, I majored in theater studies and now I'm in a respectable acting school...isn't this life-long passion enough substance? What's lame about having a serious passion&ambition? I just don't get it. Why does my passion make me less worthy?

    • i could understand if you liked acting and where involved in theater. but trying to be famous in movies just seems I don't know lame to me. I guess I can ask you the same thing why do you not date male actors, why does their passion make them worth less

  • Yep. Absolutely.

    You just described someone with creativity, drive, ambition, passion for life, and goals she wants to achieve. Some guys search the world over, hoping to come across girls like you.


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  • Hey girly,

    Do what makes you happy and the right guy will come along :)

    I wouldn't date an actor only because I have been very hurt in the past and I couldn't handle the touchy feely with another girl. But, that is me :) Most guys would think it is awesome to have such a talented woman!

    And, don't listen to that one girl that said you're not as pretty as her...if that was a pic of her, she isn't very pretty at all and her nasty personality has made her ugly anyway.


    • Thank you for your nice words. I am sorry that you got hurt in the past :/ And well, that girl deleted her comment anyway...don't know why? Maybe she was someone that likes to dish out but can't handle being called out?

    • haha no, I deleted her comment :) she was being antagonistic and I am a moderator so I can do those things. and you're welcome for the nice words. I wish you luck with your career and please please don't turn out like the crazies out there! lol I am sure you will make it. and remember us when your famous! lol

  • I actually did date a French celebrity, err 2 french celebrities.

    And both of them had significant issues and refused to be medicated or see anyone about it. The lifestyle is fun for a while, but it starts to wear on you, and girls are always the first to say that you are a golddigger

    • Yes, I can understand that it can take it's toll on you, especially if you date an actor that is in the public eye. I am sure you knew that hater call famous people's SOs golddiggers because they'd like to be in your place, right? I figured that most people can't deal with an actor/actress out of fear of losing their privacy (and/or sanity, haha). Thank you for your input! xo

  • I am sure some guys would. I can also see their reservation though.

    I would definitely not date a male actor though

    • I wonder why not? What are your reasons for not wanting to date an actor? I try to understand...it's as if I would say 'I don't want to date a doctor/attorney/pro soccer player'

      I for my part, can't imagine dating an actor because I am in that field and I think dating someone outside of that business would give my life some balance and a different perspective...

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    • What do you mean by different? Sorry for asking so much and keeping you occupied, haha.

    • Women want a man who is more successful and care more about a man's salary and prestige than a man might for a woman. And a man who does it seems feminine and vain