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What do you think of people who block you on Facebook?

If they don't want me, I don't want them as well Technology & Internet

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If so many guys say they find the fake look unattractive, why do they get lots of male attention?

We start thinking like this, "What if I throw a bucket full of water? What would she look like then?" Fashion & Beauty

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What are your strongest arguments for and against the existence of God?

I'm a believer and religion is supernatural, that's why science cannot prove it or disprove it. There are many instances in life where I succeeded with my faith. I can feel God, so I believe in Him. Religion & Spirituality

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How do I get rid of these annoying adds/inappropriate articles, does it mean I have a virus?

Yeah this is how websites earn. When you click on an ad, they get paid for it. When someone buy a product, again they get paid for it. This can be annoying and inappropriate, yes. You can go... Technology & Internet

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How do you feel about the death of Stephen Hawking?

We lost another great man. R. I. P. Stephen Hawking. Trending & News

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Should a wife take her husband's last name?

I would let her choose it. I will not force her to have my surname, it's up to her. Society & Politics

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Age of consent?

I think it's 18 and above. Trending & News

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CHRISTAINS/PASTORS: some questions about the bible/God/etc?

Christianity doesn't teach you to hate anyone except the devil. You've got to help homosexuals just the way you do to your other friends because they are humans. People who hate Christianity use... Religion & Spirituality

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My parents won't let me be Muslim, any ideas on how I can change their mind?

If you convert, you'll end up with a life full of sorrow! Trust me, that life with the Arab guy won't be very beautiful as you think. So, don't convert! Religion & Spirituality

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What’s the worst part about being a guy?

Should hustle to get a good job. Girls are different, sometimes very hard to understand, they don't satisfy easily. Girls can kick guy bullies, while guys can't kick girl bullies. Other

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He has a girlfriend, but does and says the following?

He likes you. But since he's already got a girlfriend I don't find it very good. Guy's Behavior

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What's your biggest motivation factor in your life?

I must serve my family for providing me with education and taking care of me, and I want to do something useful for the world. Other

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If the KKK are Christians, why do they burn crosses?

They're not actually real Christians. Christianity doesn't teach you to become that kind of psychos. The KKK are a group of murderers, so where does Christianity teach you to kill innocents? Other

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