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Communication - and Why it's Important in Any Relationship!

This myTake is going to be about communication and the lack of it, the #1 killer of relationships in my opinion. I am a very firm believer in the fact that communication is the key to making any relationship work. Lack of communication I have notice that the only time my parents fight, is when...

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Safe Ways to Keep Up When Driving Tired

Hi all! I know some of you are traveling for the holiday this weekend, Memorial day. Others might be traveling this summer, some might not be going anywhere at all. However, I'd like to mention some of the things that help me keep my eyes open and on the road when I'm exhausted. My work schedule...

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Panic attacks, PTSD, and the Affects it Has Every Single Day

Panic Attacks Inability to breathe. It feels like my whole chest constricts and the walls are closing in on me, the people who pass me are going to kill me or hurt me in some way. I am completely defenseless, as my mind attacks my body. I can feel my heart racing in my chest, starting slowly,...

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Items to Protect Yourself in Rough Parts of Town

I live near Detroit, Michigan. Notorious reputation. Today I nearly called the cops on someone. There was a car sitting out front, doing a drug deal with some stranger who walked up, right in front of my house. Just let the dog out and they took off. About an hour later, there was another car...

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Think Detroit Is A Great City Still? Think Again.

So I live near the infamous city of Detroit. (less than a half mile out. It’s basically Detroit.) Once known for the great auto industry, home of the autos, birthplace of the industry, whatnot. It appears many of you have no idea how rough the city is. Many blocks are completely burnt out....

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One Fast Food Employee's Request for Respect

One fast food employee's request for respect On my way to my next shift. I just worked 12 hours for my caregiving job, and I have an 8 hour shift working in our drive through window to look forward to. Now I consider calling off, but I'm already almost there, and I need the money to pay for my...

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Feminism and Why It's Headed in the Wrong Direction

I'm a libra and I like this picture. This is somewhat of a rant. I'm so sick of feminism. Feminism is defined as the advocacy of women's rights on the basis of the equality of the sexes. Ok... Western ladies, where are we not equal? Sure, pay is sometimes lower. That's something to be addressed....

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Autism - Raising Mental Awareness

Autism Some of you may have a relative who has autism. You may have autism yourself. Or you might not know anyone with autism. Autism is a disorder that affects one's ability to effectively communicate. Those affected by it may be called any number of ignorant names, simply because people do not...

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PTSD - Raising Mental Awareness - Take 1

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Have you ever been through something so traumatic it seems to haunt you afterwards? How long did it take you to recover from it? Or are you still suffering, struggling? You might have PTSD. I do, and I have met many people on here...

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