Safe Ways to Keep Up When Driving Tired

Safe Ways to Keep Up When Driving Tired

Hi all! I know some of you are traveling for the holiday this weekend, Memorial day. Others might be traveling this summer, some might not be going anywhere at all. However, I'd like to mention some of the things that help me keep my eyes open and on the road when I'm exhausted.

My work schedule is constantly changing. One day I can work 8am-8pm, the next I work 8pm-8am. Literally. I've gotten used to my constantly changing schedule. I can flip my sleep schedule on the drop of a dime, but sometimes I have trouble. I'll go 24-48 hours with no sleep some days, between work and school, sleep is no longer a necessity haha. 4 hours of sleep a night is a good night's rest for me. Lately it's been getting better.

However, I'm always driving. Some of my patients are an hour's drive away, and I have to get home safely, or to my next patient. These are the things I've found to be helpful in staying alert on the road.

Keeping the window open - or the AC on

If it's chilly enough, I keep my windows open. The harsh breeze from the freeway speeds whipping in my face are plenty enough to keep me up, especially if it's cold outside. If it's warm or I'm not going fast, I throw my AC on full blast. Definitely not comfortable, and I definitely don't sleep when I'm not comfortable.

A con to this, things can blow in your eyes with the window's open. I've had it happen. Not easy to drive when you've got some foreign object in your eye.

Safe Ways to Keep Up When Driving Tired

Make driving a game

I check out other drivers. I also yell at other drivers through my open or closed windows. But I check the cars around me constantly. Is that one swerving, what's that one doing? I wonder where they're going? Who's driving further, me or them?

Or play games like the alphabet sign game. find road signs with every letter of the alphabet on them. License plates. Slugbug, yellow car, etc. Encourage passengers not to slug you too hard when they see a slugbug.

Cons? Be careful, slugbug can be dangerous when the driver is being hit xD

Safe Ways to Keep Up When Driving Tired

Obviously, energy drinks, or caffeine!!!

My personal favorite is iced coffee. However, I am known to drink monster, redbull, venom, etc other energy drinks occasionally when I've been up for WAY too long.

Cons - BE CAREFUL of caffeine crashes. They are real. I've had to pull over and sleep because I couldn't drive safely anymore. Watch your caffeine intake, drink it slowly. Like with alcohol or smoking weed, the faster you drink it, the faster you get your high, the faster you crash.

Safe Ways to Keep Up When Driving Tired

The best tip? Get some sleep if you're sleep deprived. Take breaks when you drive, stretch your legs.

I've slept over my shift at a patients house once or twice. I wasn't safe to drive, my relief arrived, and they told me to go ahead and rest up some.

If you can, pull over in a safe spot and get some rest. Don't cause an accident. Stretch your legs if you need to. Don't get road hypnotized.

Drive safe and enjoy the summer holidays!!

Safe Ways to Keep Up When Driving Tired
Safe Ways to Keep Up When Driving Tired
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  • ScaryCool
    I used to think it was crazy that people got sleepy behind the wheel, like it would never happen to me but sure enough, a few years ago I was driving home from and caught myself dozing off. It's pretty scary really. Best to pull over at a well lit place like in front of gas station or grocery story towards front and get some Zzzz's.
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  • dandee55
    I'm surprised you didn't say anything about music -- especially with your username.
    Another one is lemon drops... or even lemon juice... OR actual LEMONS. :)
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    • MsMusic

      I thought everyone listened to music while driving? what? I jam out to eminem usually.

    • dandee55

      Yeah, I wouldn't listen to an audiobook or talk radio when i'm tired.

Most Helpful Girl

  • OldS0ul
    As someone who has been on several roadtrips, driving in the day time, listening to talk radio, drinking coffee, talking to your passenger or phoning a friend are some ways that I stay awake while driving.
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  • Caaarl
    This isn't true. Driving while tired is unsafe. These things are not going to make it any safer. They make you feel less tired but you still will be just as tired you just won't feel like it. Caffeine doesn't make you more alert. The only thing that will make your less tired is proper sleep.
    • MsMusic

      Driving while tired is unsafe, however these things have helped me remain alert when I'm tired.

  • Duke_Raul
    You're pulling over and parking isn't an option using a wet napkin on your face
    If no wet napkin around use a water bottle and your socks
    It helps but it doesn't last long
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  • zagor
    I intentionally eat something that upsets my stomach (but not so bad as to have to make a bathroom stop). It is pretty easy with my gut. That keeps me from sleeping even in a comfortable bed.
  • Pineapple_Boy
    This is why manual cars are the best. It keeps you attentive and awake.
  • MysteriousDarkness
    Sleep deprivation is a serious issue. You seem to have road rage.
    • MsMusic

      I have an intolerance for the stupidity of other drivers. I don't cut people off or needlessly wail on my horn.

    • Just be careful who you yell at. You could end up yelling at someone and they could cause you to get into an accident or pull gun out and shoot you.

    • MsMusic

      thats why I do it with the windows up :D

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  • ThePundertaker
    And listen to talk radio
    Keep up with the convos and it’ll help
  • Julia420
    Very informative ☺️
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  • DiegoO
    Nice MyTake. Thanks! I will take it in account :)
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  • NovissimumVirorum
    I use meth and coke myself
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  • Kandy-Kane
  • lpoots
    there is only one safe way
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  • Austin77
  • Anonymous
    Good points
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  • Anonymous
    Good take