Items to Protect Yourself in Rough Parts of Town


I live near Detroit, Michigan. Notorious reputation. Today I nearly called the cops on someone. There was a car sitting out front, doing a drug deal with some stranger who walked up, right in front of my house. Just let the dog out and they took off. About an hour later, there was another car sitting outside, in front of my car, for hours. I went out there eventually because I had to go to work soon, and was like, can I help you? You guys need something? They pulled off pretty fast after assuring me they were good. I was going to call the cops if they hadn't left, they were just sitting there and I couldn't even get my car out until they left because they were literally parked in front of where I keep it. Pretty fishy to me, since they were just sitting there checking the area out.

Here's a list of items if you are visiting a bad area of town, going to an unfamiliar city, or somewhere else risky.

Steering clubs

10-20$, they lock either your steering wheel or your brakes, depending on which one you get. Personally I have both. I have one for my steering wheel, and I got a new one when I got a car with a clutch a while back. These are typically brightly colored and even it you have one in your car, thieves are typically deterred since they are made of thick metal, and there are typically easier cars to steal.

These are example of both ones I have.

Items to Protect Yourself in Rough Parts of Town

Items to Protect Yourself in Rough Parts of Town

Mace or Pepper Spray

I have one that clips onto my purse. Another in the shape of a lipstick container, for when I was in high school and it was banned. That got me through quite a number of bag searches. There is a wide array of shapes of mace, as well as some with more sprays than others. Aim for the eyes, face, if you are being attacked.

There are inconspicuous forms if you have to hide it.

Items to Protect Yourself in Rough Parts of Town


Many states are open carry. Michigan, Ohio, etc. My dad carries his gun on his hip at all times if possible. I think this one is pretty self explanatory. Aim, shoot, if attacked. Be mindful of state laws if you are traveling, as some states do not allow open carry.

Items to Protect Yourself in Rough Parts of Town

Pocket Knife

Also straightforward. But be careful if someone is holding a gun to your head, I wouldn't advise pulling a knife on them.

Items to Protect Yourself in Rough Parts of Town

I will add more on another take if I think of more. This is it for now, just keep yourself safe if you're traveling, and be mindful of laws in the areas you pass through :)

Items to Protect Yourself in Rough Parts of Town
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  • FatherJack
    Mace and especially firearms are not an option here in the UK , automatic 5 year sentence for possession of firearms. Yet it does not stop the criminals getting them , an innocent 14 year old girl was shot dead just down the road from me back in 2004 , in a stupid " turf war " , shortly after we moved here. Skilled in unarmed combat from years of boxing & Muay Thai / Lethwei , also an ex soldier , but can't stop a bullet !! Also scumbags attack in packs... with weapons too. Best option is avoidance where possible.
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    • MsMusic

      Not even mace? Seriously?

      An innocent girl was pushed in front of a semi last year by her mother, in the rain and the dark. Down the street from me, who was also my brother's friend.

      Another was beat up, down the street from me, last year with a brick by some of my classmates. Shameful. Another was raped in my school. Another was beaten on the stairs of my school by a fucking mob.

      It's crazy and it needs to stop but it'll only get worse. Someone was staking out my house the other day, sitting out there for hours until I said something to them.

    • FatherJack

      No , not even any mace / pepper spray / batons , for police use ONLY. All forms of weapon are pretty much illegal , so you have to be creative here. I do have a telescopic ASP type baton ( illegal here for civilians ) , I 'm trained to use these properly. The last attempted intrusion on my property was swiftly ended after I KO'ed the twat with my trusty right hook.. then a knee in the head. No one has ever bothered us since !!

    • MsMusic

      nice! but that's crazy that they're all illegal

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  • Landshrk0068
    Sounds like you need some of these (Bodyguards)
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  • ThePundertaker
    Pocketknives are cool
    But switch blades look cooler
    RIP James Dean
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    • MsMusic

      shh close enoguh they both do the same thing

    • Lol okay 👍

    • reventon4

      Living in the wild fields of NE does not need all these gadges. All you need are some good puns

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  • reventon4
    "Thieves are typically deterred since they are made of thick metal."

    Sounds like I inspired you a little
  • DiegoO
    Sounds like a war zone.
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  • NYCQuestions1976
    Wow you're ready to kick ass if necessary...
    • MsMusic

      yes lol. be prepared for anything. My walks a mile home from school were dangerous.

  • cupidkisses
    I know Aikido
  • dandee55
    Thanks. How about a taser?
    • MsMusic

      I suppose so, but I don't know. never had one

    • dandee55

      Me either. I had pepper spray but I kept it in the glove compartment and someone stole it when they broke into my car. :)

    • MsMusic

      oh lord. they stole your pepper spray xD

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    me l will come and protect you?
  • Anonymous
    That mace picture is really a "how not to" in using mace!