Think Detroit Is A Great City Still? Think Again.


So I live near the infamous city of Detroit. (less than a half mile out. It’s basically Detroit.) Once known for the great auto industry, home of the autos, birthplace of the industry, whatnot.

It appears many of you have no idea how rough the city is. Many blocks are completely burnt out. Destroyed. The few houses on those desolate blocks are drug houses. You slide money under the door, drugs come out. I don’t know, I don’t do drugs. You have strip clubs everywhere. Topless bars. 8 mile is lined with medical marijuana stores. The old Packard plant is crumbling, it was once a car factory. It was abandoned like most of the city when the car industry left. There’s a few factories left, like the chrysler plant I pass almost daily.

I’ve woken up to people trying to get into my window. I was 10 when my parents first handed me a gun, because they had to go out and someone had tried breaking in. They told me to shoot, and not to stop until they dropped.(luckily the intruder didn’t come back). We’ve had several cars stolen, now we use steering clubs. I fall asleep to the sound of the train whistle, gun shots, and police sirens many nights. There have been nights I wake up because there are fire trucks 2 houses down, trying to put out a fire that was started by an arsonist.

On the news, someone you know is beaten by a brick. 7 broken bones. One of your brother’s few friends was pushed into the street by her mom while it was raining and a semi was coming. Killed on impact. The weird collector down the street was shot. Turns out your cousin actually knew the collector. You look out the window as you’re driving by in your car, and a block from your house, there is a yard filled with angry looking screaming people, wielding guns and other various weapons. You just pray shots don’t fire into your home, and call the police.

Where I am, we actually have decent police and EMS response. However, in Detroit, they are overwhelmed. Cops won’t go to some of the dangerous areas. You’ll be lucky to get an ambulance within an hour if you’ve been shot and you’re bleeding to death. There’s a fire next door? That house is abandoned anyways. The firefighters are busy putting out 3 other fires where there are people still in them. No one cares if that abandoned house burns down.

No cop, no stop. If you’re in a sketchy area, you flatout, do not stop. You barely slow down. Doesn’t matter if it’s a stop sign or a red light. If you’re alone, or only by one or two other cars, make sure it’s safe for you to blow that light. The cops are busy with a gunfire situation anyways, how fast do you think they’ll get to you when you’ve been car jacked? Noope. If it’s nighttime? You just don’t stop, period. No cop, no stop. If you get pulled over, you can throw me under the bus. Tell them you didn’t feel safe stopping.

You drive with your windows up, doors locked, something nearby to use as self defense, keep a club in your car, and keep a huge eye out for trouble ahead or behind you. Don’t let yourself get trapped by cars who might highjack you. Always have a way around the cars.

If you drive down the abandoned city blocks, it’s like a ghost town. Maybe the occasional squatter is walking by. You fly through those streets, 35+mph. Don’t go slow, it’s too risky.

One of my old classmates just had her first baby in February or so. 2 weeks ago, her and her boyfriend were shot at in a driveby. They’re lucky no one was hurt, the house was all shot up though. I’ve been shot by plastic bullets in a practice driveby, if they were real bullets, I wouldn’t be here today.

EVeryone comes from a broken home. Everyone has a story. Whether it’s the parents of the 8 year old boy, killed in a hit and run last month because the babysitter wasn’t watching him, or if it’s the survivors of a drive by shooting, an alcoholic, a drug addict, everyone has been through some sort of tragedy.

The homeless population is huge. Some people set up tent cities near the NSA. They are on the streets, under bridges. The mayor pays for hotels on the coldest days of the winter so they aren’t picking up bodies of the people who freeze to death because they couldn’t get somewhere to stay. People beg on street corners, but there’s so many people that the faces blur and they mean nothing.

Mexican town has the best food, but don’t get caught off guard. Also, watch out for places with roaches.

Stay in highly visible, high traffic areas, like downtown. If you wanna come visit Detroit, don’t get a hotel *in* Detroit. Stay in Troy, Sterling Heights, Roseville, Grossepointe, Warren, or Centerline. Other you’ll be bringing home bedbugs, roaches, quite possibly missing a credit card or two.

Yes, Eminem lived in Detroit. I've seen where the 8 mile movie was filmed. I went to his school.


There are good parts of the city, but those parts are the parts you'll find on google. Like the skyline and the Resistance Center. Downtown is okayish. Just be careful. Do your research before you travel.

Here are some pictures I've taken of the city.

Think Detroit Is A Great City Still? Think Again.

Think Detroit Is A Great City Still? Think Again.

Think Detroit Is A Great City Still? Think Again.

Think Detroit Is A Great City Still? Think Again.

Think Detroit Is A Great City Still? Think Again.
Think Detroit Is A Great City Still? Think Again.

Think Detroit Is A Great City Still? Think Again.

Think Detroit Is A Great City Still? Think Again.

Think Detroit Is A Great City Still? Think Again.
Think Detroit Is A Great City Still? Think Again.
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  • TadCurious
    Detroit is a poster child for what happens when a city is mismanaged for decades by the Democrat party. It's very, very sad, because Detroit was once a proud and thriving city, and part of the industrial backbone of the nation. And along with mismanagement, disastrous trade policy has helped devastate its industrial base.
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    • MsMusic

      It was corrupt policitians. Ever hear of Kwami Kilpatrick? Very corrupt mayor, I believe he's in prison now

    • MsMusic

      Also a racial divide. Race riots of the 80s burnt down much of the city, and it was never rebuilt. Now we have the great divide, AKA 8 mile. not really a divide now, but a city border

    • TadCurious

      Yeah, I remember reading about Kilpatrick. Thanks for your post that highlights (or lowlights?) the situation in Detroit.

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  • JimRSmith
    Your posts on Detroit are some of the most fascinating on the site.

    I'm not going to do this, don't worry, but I'd be genuinely curious to wander round some of these places. I'd do it, if I could do it, invisibly.
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    • MsMusic

      oh I forgot to respond to you

      yeah I want to go exploring some of the old houses but it's way too dangerous lol

  • MarkRet
    Those pictures look like scenes from The Walking Dead.

    Think Detroit Is A Great City Still? Think Again.
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  • Logorithim
    It was once a great city (I've never been there but I did military service with people from there).

    Here's what I would do to rejuvenate it- move the nation's capital there (leaving the Defense Department in VA).
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  • NerdInDenial
    It sounds like you should be armed to the teeth if you are driving through Detroit.
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    • MsMusic

      we are lol, 9 times out of 10

  • TripleAce
    Ok but then why live there?
    The rent is not free, so why not just move to another cheap area?
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    • MsMusic

      My parents are bankrupt. They can't move. Also we got our house for 2500$, which is extremely cheap. We needed a stable place when my dad became disabled 9 years ago. We live paycheck to paycheck. I'm trying to save, and that would be impossible if I moved out again

    • TripleAce

      wait, your house cost 2500$ that's all?

      ya but if two people can earn income you can live in a decent apartment... I don't see why anyone needs to be there unless you are part of a broken busted up drug addict gang related family...

    • MsMusic

      yes lol. That's all. That's why we moved there in the first place. we moved around a lot whenI was younger, at least 8 times in 6 years. We got this house when it was foreclosed on.

      And yes two people can earn an income, me and my mom. However msot of my money is going to my car. Plus I am trying to save. My family would not make it in an apartment, lol. We are way too loud. My parents are also bankrupt and are unable to move for the next 8 or 9 years or something like that.

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  • pizzalovershouse
    if uou move to a better state you be happier its not just Detroit having problems you look at states . that had a nice town but now there over run by the drugs that doctors give like oxcotin an if thry dont get that they get meth ir heroin so yes you are in a bad area so move to a state that gas a college work an stay program i had friends do this its a place that takes you in but you do work for the college like cook clean an they let you live an go to class there plus feed you
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  • NYCQuestions1976
    The last picture and 3rd to last picture are both nice.
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    • Iron_Man

      Oh really? Do consider NY a lot more cleaner and a better place to live?

    • Like all large cities, it depends on the area. In general, it's doing much better than Detroit, Philadelphia, and Chicago.

    • MsMusic

      I threw them in because they were nice pictures. I took those ones. They're some of my favorite.

  • FatherJack
    Have seen this once proud city referred to as De-Toilet !! Live in the UK , not yet been to N America , but Detroit is well known as a fallen city.
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    • MsMusic

      haha I've never heard of that one

      I talked to a few people on here who have no idea how bad things are here

  • Tasos96
    The gun thing in the US in general is ridiculous. Most politicians are shit but you're country is being run by a clown (not that the previous presidents changed it). Europe is much safer than the US and have better regulations (not only for guns)
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    • Really? That's why the Mayor of London flat out said terror attacks are a part of living in a major European city? Why Merkel's Legos are becoming commonplace across Europe, hmm?

    • enjoy your Muslimization. TRUMP 2020

    • zagor

      Yeah, right, the people who are selling crack and doing drive-by's really care about gun laws. At least the people are given the capacity to defend themselves.

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  • Pink2000
    No one thinks Detroit is great... they haven’t been great since Motown.
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  • Max_winner1
    When black people rooted and burned down their city. White people and businesses left all the black people in their own mess.
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  • HungLikeAHorsefly
    I don't think I've ever considered Detroit a great city.
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  • MysteriousDarkness
    A lot of major cities across the country have their good parts and horrible parts. Its mainly the neighborhood parts that are bad just as in other major cities.
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  • Other_Tommy_Wiseau
    literally no one thinks detroit is a great city. literally the entire country outside the state of michigan and cleveland would be an upgrade :D
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  • mike5150
    I used to live near lansing it seemed nice and quiet i remember people telling me different stories i used to think it couldn't be any worse than oakland or south central but i don't doubt it anymore
  • Sachalover
    I don't think anyone has thought Detroit is a nice city in like 50 years
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  • LegateLanius
    I never did. The city has borderline third world conditions.
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  • Storm_Soldier2377
    Reminds me so much of my home country, South Africa.
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  • SuccessfulHornDog
    Unbelievable. The people are the biggest problem now. How can this city ever be saved or turned around?
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  • 10dsw
    No one thinks Detroit is a great city... don't worry about that!
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