New York City Through The Decades

Here are 10 different footages from NYC area. 1 from each decade from 20th Century. Let's see how much NYC has changed.

1) 1900s

(comment: No cars at all. Only carriages, and public transport.)

2) 1910s

(comment: First cars started to appear.)

3) 1920s

(comment: Carriages with horses started to appear less often as you can see. And the number of cars has been increased. But still people were dressing pretty elegant.

Very funny footage by the way.)

4) 1930s

(comment: Carriedges seems like to have disappeared. Still the elegant dressing code is present. Look how those children on the street are dressed. You can also see Hindenburg during the middle of this video. Nice footage. Almost like a retro sci-fi movie.)

5) 1940s

(comment: First video in color. Nice cars there, they looked pretty fancy. Seems like old-style transports have been totally fade away by then, and modern style transport is becoming dominant.)

6) 1950s

(comment: Wow, neon lights. Neon lights started to appear more and more often, and look at those ads. A modern more futuristic structure has started to appear. And dressing code has started to become simpler by some degree.)

7) 1960s

(comment: At the last 2 minutes of video you can see some old-school retro technology. See how in the 60s one large computer was used by a whole company. Now a single person uses multiple computers.)

8 ) 1970s

(comment: Hm, pretty interesting. Things have clearly passed to another level here. Elegant dressing code appears less and less. Also you can notice the presence of black people, has become way more visible than previous decades.)

9) 1980s

(comment: Hm, as you can see women wearing pants more often. Also you can see people have started to become fatter. Some nice graffiti art during 4:50 and some street dance moves at 6:24 and 7:40.)

10) 1990s

(comment: Well, WTC before the attacks. Hip-hop fashion is pretty dominant here, and it's not much different from today. Except the fact people weren't above their phones 24/7. After all then-phones, didn't have as many features as they do now, hahaha.)


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  • Interesting Take! I was born in New York, but I don't remember too much of it. I'd like to go back and see the sights as an adult now.


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